Justice League “takes a break” and is replaced by another supergroup in the comics

Justice League “takes a break” and is replaced by another supergroup in the comics

Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths came to carve a new beginning in DC’s chronology, after several “unstable” reboots that seemed to lead to places, let’s say, very “abstract”. The latest DC Comics saga brought back plots from the 1980s and combined with recent moments from other mega-events. And, to kick off the phase being called Dawn of DC (or “DC Twilight”, in free translation), the publisher temporarily retires the Justice League and replaces it with another well-known supergroup.

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Beware of spoilers for recent sagas and magazines published by DC Comics!

Well, just to summarize the two previous mega-events, in Dark Nights: Death Metal, DC paved the way for the renewal of its titles, bringing all the Earths of the Multiverse back, with the right to Multiverses — yes, in the plural. That is, everything that was published became part of the official canon of the publisher. And, in Infinite Frontier, the company placed its classic characters on a higher level, which still needs to be positioned in a world where the new generation of heroes also needs to find their place to shine.

For example, Superman and Wonder Woman are so powerful that they are even closer to deities. And Batman definitely cannot be seen as just Gotham’s protector, but the world – or the Multiverses. And his successors started to have more space, showing their differences with the old guard and keeping the legacy flame burning.

Editorially speaking, it’s DC trying, this time in a more organized way, to please its veteran audience and bring new readers and movie audiences to comics — previous attempts have not been successful in this task. And the absence of the Justice League has everything to do with it.

Justice League is replaced by the Titans

When Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths ended, a lot of things from the past came to light, and the heroes realized that, in addition to the mistakes they made, perhaps the approach of the Justice League no longer makes so much sense in the current Multiverses — and this is even metalinguistic , as it is also something that the authors themselves have been rethinking in recent years.

In Nightwing #100, released this Tuesday (17), Nightwing needs the help of his New Titans friends to fight a villain. Thus, the classic team loved by readers reunites again, with Dick Grayson leading the team formed by Donna Troy, the Flash Wally West, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg.

Then, when visiting the Hall of Justice destroyed during Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wonder Woman and Superman ask Nightwing to lead the heroes while they “discuss the future of the Justice League”. It is worth mentioning that Dick had a lot of importance in that same role during the event that ended.

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Now very wealthy, after inheriting Alfred’s properties, Nightwing then decides to accept this role, especially after receiving Batman’s “blessing”. Dick will bring back Titans Tower and his colleagues to replace the Justice League, while the old-school heroes reevaluate their missions in this new DC.

It’s a bold and very interesting move by DC, the likes of which we haven’t seen in a long time. Bringing back the Titans with the classic lineup is something that fans have wanted for a long time, and nothing more logical to renew the heroes and make room for the new generation than to show the maturity of the previous caste. Furthermore, the world’s greatest threats are now on a par with Deathstroke, who has always been the greatest enemy of Nightwing and his colleagues.

And the Justice League? Well, the best way for you to prove how much some heroes are missed is to show what happens to people and the world in their absence. It’s the most coherent and understandable path DC has taken for years, and now there really is a chance for new readers to join veterans in the same attention.

Whether this will actually pan out and prove as interesting as it sounds, only time will tell.