Is it worth doing physical exercise when you are tired?

Is it worth doing physical exercise when you are tired?

Practicing physical exercises should be seen as a habit, since the effects – such as improving the quality of sleep, disposition and musculature – only appear when they are regular. However, for many people, it is not every day that they are willing to spend 40 minutes or more moving around. Despite the discouragement, experts recommend the practice even when you are tired.

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The advice to go to the gym even when tired, even applies to those who had a bad night’s sleep — less than seven hours of rest. That’s because exercise and sleep quality are linked and dependent, points out Phyllis Zee, MD and director of the Center for Circadian and Sleep Medicine at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.

Regular exercise improves sleep

“There is data confirming that regular exercise improves the quality of sleep. Even moderate exercise in the morning, afternoon or early evening can improve deep sleep”, points out the doctor for CNN. sleepless night, you must maintain your physical activity routine”, he adds.

This is because, without the exercises, the person may risk having another bad night’s sleep, which will end up creating a cycle that prevents the individual from having a restorative sleep. This is only possible when the body goes into the REM stage (rapid eye movement) — the fourth stage —, where there is the maximum level of muscle relaxation, while brain activity is at its highest intensity and memories are formed.

“If you sleep better, you’ll be more likely to exercise and your activity levels will be better” the next day, adds Zee on the importance of not breaking the cycle, even when one is feeling down or a little tired.

When should you not exercise because of tiredness?

“If you’re not sleeping well, don’t do that intense workout, okay? Instead, walk or do yoga, but certainly maintain a regimen of exercise or physical activity at the regular time of day when you would normally do it”, completes the doctor, reinforcing the importance of common sense.

However, there are some body limits that must be respected. If the person didn’t sleep at all last night and is in a state of sleep deprivation, it’s worth leaving the gym for the next day and taking that moment to rest – don’t even think about watching a series and staying awake for even longer.

The same advice applies to those who are very inattentive and distracted, as they may have an accident at the gym or while playing sports. There is a scientific explanation for this: the brain’s reaction time is slower in these moments, similar to that of an alcoholic person. Under these conditions, lifting a dumbbell and weights can be risky.

Source: CDC and CNN