iOS 16.3 Arrives With Apple ID Key Support, HomePod Improvement, and Skins

iOS 16.3 Arrives With Apple ID Key Support, HomePod Improvement, and Skins

Apple has just released iOS 16.3 for iPhone owners to enjoy the three main news, which had already been anticipated by Apple last week. This is the third major system update since the arrival of iOS 16 in September last year.

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The first change is support for hardware security keys to protect your Apple ID. The measure will enable the use of physical two-factor authentication, requiring the use of an external token connected to the device to access your account.

The second new feature is an adjustment to the “Emergency SOS” feature to prevent accidental calls to authorities. It is still possible to activate the distress call just by holding the combination of the side button and the volume up or down, but now the call only occurs when the person releases them.

For those who have the HomePod, Apple has good news: communication with the iPhone and iPad has been optimized. The system will better guide the user on how to transfer and control music from devices to Apple’s smart speaker. There are even rumors that iOS has activated sensors hidden in the sound device.

Skins and minor tweaks

For those who like customization, the Cupertino Giant also released new Unity themes to celebrate Black History Month. The date is an important annual commemoration to strengthen the fight against racism in the United States. Colorful mobile wallpapers and Apple Watch faceplates are included.

As usual, the new version also fixes bugs, such as the horizontal lines that mysteriously appear on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Also fixed is an issue that could cause the lock screen widget to not display the Home app status. According to the company, another bug fixed was related to music requests made to Siri in CarPlay.

As the download demand is high, not everyone may be able to update right away. If this is your case, the recommendation is to wait until the dust settles a little to make the transfer easier.

How to Download iOS 16.3?

  • Open the Settings app;
  • Tap General;
  • Look for the Software Update option;
  • Tap “Download and Install” and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • This measure is only necessary if the update does not appear automatically on your device. If even doing this, the update is not shown, the tip is to wait a few more hours and try later, when you are connected to a high-speed Wi-Fi network and with enough battery to complete the process.

    Apple has also released iOS 15.7.3 for iPhone users who have older devices. This update doesn’t bring any major features, but it does offer important security improvements for those who haven’t yet ventured into iOS 16.

    iOS 16.2 was considered a moderate update, bringing support for two apps (Freeform and Apple Music Sing) as well as so-called advanced data protection. The software “broken” Apple Music continuous playback on iPhone and iPad.