Internet blocking by governments is more common than you think worldwide

Internet blocking by governments is more common than you think worldwide

Let’s talk about a delicate topic on the podcast today. The company 10 VPN, focused on internet security, launched a study called Internet Shutdowns: Economic Impact 2022, trying to calculate the economic impacts of internet blocking worldwide.

This has happened a few times with WhatsApp here in our country, but blocking the network or apps is more common than you think. In 2022, there were more than 100 blockades carried out in 23 different countries, affecting more than 700 million people worldwide.

In today’s program, Wagner Wakka with Samuel Woodhams, one of the main researchers of the work, to talk about the most common reasons and the consequences of these blockages.

The chat is about the market, how his work works and a new project to help people find jobs in such difficult times.

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This episode was scripted, hosted and edited by Wagner Wakka. The program also featured reports by Felipe Demartini, Paulo Amaral, Alveni Lisboa, Igor Almenara and Durval Ramos. The audio review is by Gabriel Rimi and Mari Capetinga. The soundtrack is a creation by Guilherme Zomer and the cover of this program is made by Danilo Berti.