Instagram pulls back and focuses on photos again

Instagram pulls back and focuses on photos again

Adam Mosseri is taking another step in the waltz that Instagram has been dancing for a long time. The head of the social network backtracked on his speech there in July last year, when he said that the focus of the platform would be on videos.

Now, he said that the platform has too many videos and the proposal is to return to showing photos.

In today’s episode, Wagner Wakka talks with our reporter, Alveni Lisboa, who has been covering all this imbroglio to talk about what’s happening and, more importantly, what could happen to the social network.

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This episode was scripted, hosted and edited by Wagner Wakka. The program also featured reports by Renan da Silva Dores, Giovana Pignati, Vinicius Moschen and Alveni Lisboa. The audio review is by Gabriel Rimi and Mari Capetinga. The soundtrack is a creation by Guilherme Zomer and the cover of this program is made by Eric Mockaitis.