Instagram Gifts | How to receive and send tips to creators

Instagram Gifts |  How to receive and send tips to creators

Instagram gifts are a way to monetize from tips sent by viewers on the social network. With this feature, people can thank and support creators on Reels with a paid souvenir.

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Gifts are animated stickers and can be sent individually in each video. To buy each souvenir, it is necessary to purchase stars on the social network with a credit card or methods registered via the App Store or Google Play Store.

The function was released for testing period only in the United States and there is still no estimated arrival of the service in Brazil. See below how to send gifts and enable the function in the profile.

How to tip creators with Instagram Gifts

  • Open a Reels video. When the function is compatible, tap the “Send gift” button, located just above the profile name;
  • Instagram will show a window with all gift options and values. Tap the star icon in the upper right corner to add balance;
  • Insert the amount of stars you want to acquire;
  • Follow the instructions to make the payment;
  • After replenishing the balance, choose one of the gifts and tap “Send”.
  • How to activate the function to receive gifts in the profile

  • To activate the feature, you need to have a professional account. Open the Instagram profile and tap on “Professional Dashboard”;
  • Select the “Gifts” option in the “Your Tools” tab;
  • Finally, tap “Allow Gifts in Reels”.
  • Payments for gifts can vary from US$ 0.01 to US$ 1 and Instagram only sends payments to the creator when the balance reaches US$ 100. There is still no estimate of the value of gifts in reais.