How to test ChatGPT, the AI ​​that talks to you

What is ChatGPT and why does it matter so much?

ChatGPT has been causing buzz on the internet since the end of 2022. If you heard about it and are curious to test the artificial intelligence (AI) that talks to you, FreeGameGuide shows you how to do it.

  • Artificial intelligence facts you need to know
  • What is missing for Artificial Intelligence to be really good?

First, take a moment to understand what ChatGPT is and why it might be of concern. Below, you learn where to access, create your account and learn how the system can be useful in everyday life.

Where to access?

ChatGPT ( is accessed free of charge via a computer or cell phone browser, there is no app. It is necessary to create an account and in the first login provide name, surname and cell phone number.

However, the free site attracts many users, which can cause connection difficulties. In addition, its default language is English and there is no translation, but this is not a cause for concern: the artificial intelligence can recognize and reproduce texts in Portuguese.

how to create account

  • Access the ChatGPT website (;
  • Click “Sign up”;
  • Enter your email or choose between login via Google and Microsoft;
  • If you chose to access by email, you need to create a password;
  • You will then receive a verification email;
  • Open your inbox and look for an email with the title “OpenAI – Verify your email”;
  • Complete account creation by clicking “Verify email address”.
  • ChatGPT Functions

    ChatGPT is constantly evolving and new functions may be added in the future. Currently, you can use dark mode for more visual comfort, create multiple chats, and clear individual or all conversations at once.

    In addition to these functions, it is possible to say whether or not you liked the answer and write the reason, serving as feedback to the developers. This information can be used by the AI ​​to avoid sending users wrong, outdated, or biased answers.

    How you can use ChatGPT

    The platform cannot consult information such as the weather forecast or news of the day, but it can help with other points.

    1. Curiosities and information

    You can use ChatGPT to look up the meaning of words, historical events or find out interesting facts. However, the platform does not inform the source of the answer, which makes it risky to use it as a source of study.

    2. Agenda and planning

    During the tests carried out, the service was able to set up a study agenda and an exercise agenda. Inserting extra tips, such as remembering to take a break, shows that ChatGPT can help with small day-to-day tasks.

    3. Tutorials

    If you have questions about how to tie a tie — like who wrote this text — or want to learn a recipe, count on the help of ChatGPT. Artificial intelligence provides detailed step-by-step to help you with small everyday tasks.