How to take care of video games in the summer or during heat waves?

Como cuidar dos video games no verão ou durante ondas de calor?

Summer has arrived and, with it, the prospect of high temperatures. Not only because of the season, but also because of the heat waves that are hitting the world. In addition to ourselves, electronics suffer a lot from all of this, as they need ventilation and refrigeration to function.

This is especially true for video games. Typically confined to cramped racks or furniture without much air circulation, devices find their fans and cooling systems working extra hard during high temperatures.

What should be done, then, to ensure proper operation in the summer? Is it better to stop gaming during extreme heat waves? And what type of preventative maintenance can be done to ensure proper operation and longer life? These are some questions we asked Fabio Michelin, technical specialist in video games at GamesCare.

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