How to send an image with link on WhatsApp

How to send an image with link on WhatsApp

Inserting a link into an image and sending it via WhatsApp is a practical way to direct your contacts to a desired website. This can be especially useful for people who use the messenger to promote products and services in order to boost their in-app sales.

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It is important to remember that WhatsApp does not have a native tool to insert links in photos. That is, there is no way to use the application to insert links as done in other social networks – such as Instagram. Also, images in JPG format (and similar ones) do not support external links.

To work around the problem, you need to convert an image into a PDF file and store it on your device. That way, you can easily insert links and share the file on WhatsApp and use it as a digital marketing channel for your business.

How to Insert Links in a PDF

  • Access the PDFScape website;
  • Select “Free Online”;
  • Choose “Upload PDF to PDFescape” option to insert a PDF file on your device;
  • Press the paper button with two dashes (located on the side of the screen);
  • Select “Link”;
  • Determine the action area of ​​the link in the PDF;
  • Enter the desired link and tap “OK”;
  • Tap the download button with the down arrow to download the PDF.
  • Ready! Now, just open the PDF with the image and the desired link and use the app’s share button to send it to your WhatsApp people and groups.