How to Remove Background from an Image in Excel

How to Remove Background from an Image in Excel

Microsoft Office software such as Excel and Word offer a very interesting feature to remove background from an image. With a few clicks, the function identifies the central object and automatically selects the field to be deleted.

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The transparent background image can be very useful in spreadsheets, slides and documents, especially when they need to be positioned over other files. In addition to identifying content that is in the background, the Office tool also includes a feature to draw lines and refine the area that should be removed.

The function is available for Excel, Microsoft Project Online, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word. All versions from 2010 of the respective applications on macOS and Windows have the tool to make the background transparent.

How to Remove Image Background in Excel

  • Open Excel (or any other app that supports this function) and insert an image into the file;
  • Click on the image and select the “Image Format” tab in the top menu of the screen. It may also be called “Format Image” in some versions;
  • Then click on “Remove Background”;
  • The application will select the area to be removed, identified in purple. If you find any imperfection in the contour, click on “Mark Areas to Keep” and hover with the mouse over the part of the image you want to keep;
  • Confirm the result and click on “Keep changes”. Excel will leave the image with a transparent background on the worksheet.
  • You can still enjoy the background-removed image for other occasions. To do so, right-click on the file and select “Save Image”. Content is stored in PNG format.