How to open a dispute on AliExpress

How to open a dispute on AliExpress

If you were not satisfied with an order placed on AliExpress and did not get the expected response from the seller when trying to cancel it, it is possible to open a dispute on the platform. This is the only way to guarantee your money back and avoid losses.

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What is dispute?

Before understanding what a dispute is, it is important to remember that AliExpress works as a marketplace, that is, it only advertises products from small and large retailers on its website. Therefore, the site can act as a mediator of problems between buyers and sellers.

Therefore, opening a dispute on AliExpress is a way to receive a refund for a purchase that you are not completely satisfied with, for whatever reason, or it was not even delivered to your home. This claim is part of the Buyer Protection Program, which covers all orders on the platform and has a 30-day deadline.

How to open a dispute

If you’ve already tried to cancel an order on AliExpress and the seller has refused to accept it, you must open a dispute within 30 days of making the purchase. See how to proceed:

  • In AliExpress, access your account details;
  • In “My Account”, access “My Orders”;
  • Select “Order Details”;
  • Press the “Open Dispute” button;
  • Choose between two options for the dispute:
    • “Return Products”: you want to return the product and request a full refund;
    • “Refund Only”: You didn’t receive the product and want a full refund, or you received it and want a partial refund (without having to send it back).
  • Answer the questions about why you are opening a dispute and submit the form.
  • During the dispute, it is possible that you will need to agree with the seller about the refund. If there is no agreement, AliExpress will mediate the process. At this stage, it is still allowed to negotiate with the seller, and you can choose his proposal or AliExpress. Afterwards, the dispute is completed and the refund will be processed to your account.