How to Make a Gradient Effect in Photoshop

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The gradient effect, or gradient, is one of the resources used in Photoshop to manipulate images in graphic design projects. Applying it to a layer constitutes information that changes the intensity of filled colors in a predefined direction.

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If you want to insert this effect into an image in Photoshop, you must use the Gradient tool — responsible for the gradual blending between colors. You can choose from predefined fountain fills or create your own effects with the features of:

  • Linear gradient: shading from the starting point to the end in a straight line;
  • Radial gradient: shading from the starting point to the end in a circle;
  • Angled gradient: Shades counterclockwise around the starting point;
  • Reflected Gradient: Reflects the same linear gradient on both sides of the starting point;
  • Diamond Gradient: Apply shadows from the middle to the outer corners of a diamond pattern.

How to Gradify in Photoshop

After getting to know the gradient tool and the resources available in Photoshop, learn how to use it in your projects from a new layer:

  • Open Adobe Photoshop and click on File > New;
  • Press “Create” to start a new project;
  • Under “Layers”, tap the lock button to unlock “Layer 1”;
  • On the toolbar, right-click the “Paint Bucket Tool”;
  • Select the “Gradient Tool”;
  • In the top bar, change the color adjustments and the desired features to apply the gradient to the image;
  • Select the layer you want to apply the gradient, click and drag the mouse to the side.
  • Remember that the intensity of the filling performed by the gradient effect can vary according to the mouse position. If you don’t like the result, just go to Edit > Undo (or press the Ctrl + Z keys) to reverse the task and apply new settings to the image.