How to Make a Gold Effect in Photoshop

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If you’re working on a project in Photoshop, one way to make it more interesting is to apply a gold effect. This style is suitable for titles or highlighting a word — and be aware that excessive use can cause visual clutter.

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Creating the golden effect is laborious, but the result is worth it. After learning how to create, also see how to save this style in “Layer Effects” for quick access in the future.

How to Make a Gold Effect in Photoshop

Download Photoshop from the Adobe website (, wait for the installation and follow the steps below.

  • Open Photoshop and click “New file”;
  • Under “Preset Details”, find the “Background Contents” option;
  • Click to open the drop-down menu and choose the “Black” option;
  • Create the project and wait to load;
  • Select the “Text Tool” by clicking the T key;
  • Type in your text — a larger font ensures better viewing;
  • In the menu on the right side of the screen, select where the text is;
  • Now, access the top menu called “Layer”;
  • Hover over “Layer Style” and click “Bevel & Emboss”.
  • Create the following adjustments for “Bevel & Emboss”:

    • Style: Internal Bevel;

    • Technique: Smooth;

    • Depth: 100%;

    • Direction: Up;

    • Size: 100px;

    • Angle: 90 degrees

    • Altitude: 30 degrees;

    • Highlight Mode: Linear Dodge;

    • Highlight Opacity: 65%;

    • Shadow Mode: Multiply;

    • Shadow Opacity: 85%.

    Then select the two colors next to “Highlight Mode” and “Shadow Mode”. The following codes were used for the tutorial: #CCCF76 for the first mentioned and #B28361 for the second.

    After selecting the colors, continue creating the effect.

  • Select “Texture” in the left panel and click on the image next to “Pattern”;
  • Choose the option you prefer, and in the previous section, set “Scale” to 100% and “Depth” to +2%;
  • Next, select the “Invert” and “Link with Layer” options;
  • In the left panel, select “Color Overlay”;
  • In Blending Mode, choose the option “Normal”;
  • Click on the color icon and enter the code #967642 and apply the effect by clicking on the “Ok” button.
  • How to Save the Gold Effect in Photoshop

    You can save the effect before or after applying it. In the “Bevel & Emboss” edit window, click “New Style”, give it a name and make sure “Include Layer Effects” is selected.