How to Leave a Community on WhatsApp | Supergroup

How to Leave a Community on WhatsApp |  Supergroup

After the launch in Brazil, it is common for many people to be added to WhatsApp communities and also to the supergroups within this space. If you want to leave a community, just follow a few simple steps.

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WhatsApp communities work as a grouping of up to 50 internal groups, in addition to a general conversation for administrators to send notices to members. In all, a community can hold up to 5 thousand participants and capillarize them in several specific subtopics, such as classes in a school or hierarchy of employees in a retail trade.

How to leave a community

WhatsApp allows the admin of a group to create their own community in the application. Thus, everyone who was part of a group is relocated to the community and integrates a supergroup with its own theme.

Any member can leave a community at any time, however, if you are an admin, you must leave the admin list first. If you created the community, it is not possible to stop being admin: you will need to deactivate it to leave.

If you are an ordinary member and want to leave a community, follow the steps below on Android, iPhone and WhatsApp Web.

  • Tap the WhatsApp community image;
  • Select “View Community”;
  • Choose the “Leave Community” option.
  • Ready! Now you know how to leave a community that you created or were added to on WhatsApp.