How to do the Xbox 2023 retrospective?

Erick Teixeira/Canaltech

Xbox players can now look back on the year. Microsoft has released an official page that displays some interesting information and statistics about your usage profile of the company’s consoles throughout 2023. From the most played game to the styles of titles that most caught your attention, everything can be seen (and reviewed) in this annual summary.

To check out Xbox’s 2023 retrospective, just access the tool’s official page. When logging into your Microsoft account, it automatically displays all the game information linked to it, bringing some very interesting highlights.

The main ones are in the 2023 Highlights section, which provides a very specific look at your activities throughout the year. You can see how many hours you played on the company’s systems, how many and which games took up your time and how many achievements you obtained during the period. In addition to seeing which month you were most active, the summary also includes a graph with the genres that attracted you most.

A differentiator of the Xbox retrospective in relation to other tools of this type is the comparisons with other players. You can get a sense of how much time you spend playing or hunting for achievements is above or below average.

Likewise, you can also see similar statistics about the games you played most. Furthermore, the platform shows the time you spent on each of them, how many achievements you had and which was the rarest.