How to do the PlayStation 2023 retrospective?

Captura de Tela/Canaltech/Durval Ramos

Sony brought the long-awaited Wrap-Up 2023, a retrospective of everything you played during the year on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The summary brings statistics and some interesting notes about your usage profile, revealing which games were most played , the main trophies won and how many hours you spent in front of the console.

To access the retrospective, simply access the Wrap-Up 2023 page produced by Sony itself and log in to your PSN account. From there, the page soon delivers the results, bringing very curious information that, in many cases, you hadn’t even noticed.

After all, do you remember what was the first game you played in 2023? This is one of the revelations that the annual summary offers. And you can check all of this both on your computer and on your cell phone screen.

One of the most interesting data available, for example, is the games that dominated your gameplay each month. In addition to providing this answer, there are also statistics on how many times you turned on the console during the period and how long you played, in addition to the number of trophies won.

Free retrospective prize

To close the year’s summary in style, Wrap-Up 2023 also features an exclusive avatar for those who check all the data. It’s nothing very significant, but a cool gift for anyone who likes to customize their PSN account.

At the end of the retrospective, the user finds a code to be used on the PlayStation Store that releases a nice avatar for their account. These are the brand’s stylized icons, replicating the designs that appear at the bottom of the screen throughout the Wrap-Up.

Additionally, a collectible item for PlayStation Stars, the console’s loyalty program, is also added. In this case, it is just a digital gift to be viewed whenever you want.