How to discover and revoke apps connected to Instagram

How to discover and revoke apps connected to Instagram

It is common for social networks to allow connection with other applications and Instagram is no exception. If you want to discover and revoke apps connected to your social network profile, know that the process is simple.

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Learn now how to carry out the process through Instagram settings, what information they have access to and what types of apps you should avoid.

How to discover and revoke apps connected to Instagram

  • Access your account on the Instagram app (Android | iPhone);
  • Tap your profile picture in the bottom right corner;
  • Then tap the icon in the upper right corner and access “Settings”;
  • Enter “Security” and in the “Data and history” section, tap “Apps and websites”;
  • Tap “Remove” to disconnect the app from the social network.
  • What information can apps access?

    The information the app can access from your profile depends on the status of the connection between the app and Instagram: active, expired, or removed. If you have used the app within the last 90 days, it can access any information shared with it.

    After this period, the app automatically enters the “Expired” category and can only access public information such as your name, bio and profile picture.

    Apps in the “Removed” category access public information, such as “Expired”. However, apps with this status can collect and store user information as long as the connection exists — this demonstrates the importance of choosing which apps to share your data with.

    Types of apps you should avoid connecting to Instagram

    Instagram does not recommend using apps that offer followers and likes, especially if they ask for login information. If you share, these apps have full access to the account and can even check private information like messages and friends.

    This is a risk to the security of your data, which can lead to leaks and scams. Also, sharing your account with this type of app violates Instagram guidelines, which may result in your account being permanently lost.