How to cancel an order on Aliexpress

What does "customs clearance process" mean in AliExpress?

Buying on AliExpress can be very attractive due to the ease of doing it without leaving home and the product offers. However, if you experience any issues or regrets, you can cancel an order and get your payment refunded.

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The whole process is quite simple, but there are important conditions that you need to know in order not to have problems with canceling a purchase on the platform. Look:

  • A purchase may not be canceled if the order status indicates “Payment in Verification” or “Payment in Process”;
  • It is possible that a seller on the platform will not respond to your queries immediately. Wait until everything is clarified before requesting the cancellation of the purchase.

How to cancel an order on AliExpress

If you decide to cancel a purchase, you must first check that the order has already been paid for. See instructions below for paid and unpaid orders.

1. Unpaid order

You can directly cancel an unpaid purchase in the order details. Look:

  • In AliExpress, go to “My Orders”;
  • Search for the order you want to cancel and enter “Order Details”;
  • Select the “Cancel Order” option.
  • 2. Paid order

    If you have already paid for the order, you can cancel it with the seller’s approval. Check out:

  • Under “My Orders”, look for the order you want to cancel;
  • Select “Order Details”;
  • Press the “Request order cancellation” button and choose a reason for cancellation;
  • Wait for confirmation from the seller. If there is no response within 48 hours, the order will be automatically cancelled.
  • The refund for the purchase will be made to your bank account or refunded to your card within 3 to 20 business days. If the seller does not approve of the cancellation, you can open a dispute on the “Order Details” page.