How to anticipate the FGTS birthday withdrawal in the Digio app

How to anticipate the FGTS birthday withdrawal in the Digio app

If you need to anticipate the FGTS birthday withdrawal to settle debts, invest in business or other purposes, you can request it through the Digio app. The digital bank offers its customers benefits such as interest of up to 1.99% per month to receive the amount in advance in the account.

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What is the anniversary withdrawal?

The birthday withdrawal is a modality of the FGTS (Senior Severance Indemnity Fund) that allows redeeming part of the balance in the month of the worker’s birthday. The value is part of the sum of all your linked accounts.

However, waiting until the birthday month may not be ideal for people who are unable to pay off their everyday debts. The anticipation of the FGTS birthday withdrawal becomes an alternative for those who urgently need balance.

How anticipation of birthday withdrawal works in Digio

The digital bank Digio offers a type of loan for the total amount of the birthday withdrawal so that the worker can withdraw whenever he wants, even if it is not his birthday. Payment of installments is automatically deducted from the FGTS balance.

How to anticipate the birthday loot in digio

The contracting of the service can be carried out directly in the Digio app. Look:

  • On the Digio home screen, tap the “FGTS advance with Digio” button;
  • Check the anticipation tutorial to authorize Digio to consult your information;
  • Tap “go to FGTS app”. If you don’t have the app, download it from the App Store or Play Store;
  • Select “Authorize banks to consult your FGTS”;
  • Tap “Birthday Loan”;
  • Add the Digio SA bank and authorize the operation;
  • In the Digio app, tap on “Simulate anticipation”;
  • Tap “I have already authorized” and view the amount that must be paid in advance in your account;
  • Read the terms and conditions and then accept;
  • Select “Send proposal for Reviews”;
  • After the Reviews, the advance amount will be reserved with the FGTS;
  • With the proposal approved, the money will be credited within one business day.
  • Ready! Take advantage of the tip to anticipate your FGTS birthday withdrawal in a simple and practical way through the Digio app.