How much does it cost to subscribe to GeForce Now in Brazil?

How much does it cost to subscribe to GeForce Now in Brazil?

GeForce NOW is a game streaming service from NVIDIA developed in partnership with ABYA. As with other streaming options, all content displayed on the players’ screens is stored on servers and not on the user’s machine.

The service, as expected, works through monthly or annual payment. However, many users still have doubts about how much GeForce Now costs in Brazil and what plans are available for hiring.

How it works?

GeForce Now eliminates the need for a powerful machine to run games. Instead, players have access to a virtual graphics card through NVIDIA’s servers and can play via a computer, tablet, notebook, smart TV or smartphone — as long as there is stable internet access.

NVIDIA recommends that users use internet packages with at least 15 Mbps to play in HD (1280×720) and 25 Mbps to play without crashes in Full HD (1920×1080).

The service connects with several digital stores to give you access to the games you already own. It is worth mentioning that, as plans increase in price, the experience with queues and the number of hours to play will be better.

What are the plans for GeForce Now?

When signing up, the user can choose four different plans. Check it out below:

  • Free plan: default access to servers. Sessions of only 30 minutes and lengthy queues;
  • Priority Plan: More than 1,500 games available; up to 1080p resolution; RTX On and DLSS. 40 hours of use per month and up to five hours per session;
  • Pro Plan: Same features as Priority. Monthly duration of 80 hours and maximum sessions of up to six hours;
  • Ultra Plan: Increase duration time to 160 hours per month and sessions lasting seven hours.

How much does GeForce Now cost?

NVIDIA’s streaming service has a free plan that limits gameplay to just 30 minutes. For those who want to play more, GeForce Now costs from BRL 51.90 per month in the plan Half-yearly Priority. See the complete GeForce Now pricing table in Brazil:

GeForce Now Pricing Table
Flat Priority Pro Ultra
Monthly value BRL 57.58 BRL 103.96 BRL 196.26
semester value BRL 311.47 BRL 560.94 BRL 1,059.79

Payment methods

GeForce Now can be paid through transfers via PIX or credit and debit cards with VISA, Mastercard, etc.

How to subscribe to GeForce Now?

To subscribe to GeForce Now, it’s recommended to start on a computer. Enter the official NVIDIA website and click “Play Now”. You will be sent to the ABYA website. There, choose the desired plan or click on the top “Extended” button to see more subscription options.

Click “Choose Plan” and the system should request login again. After making the payment or choosing the free plan, the “real” GeForce NOW website will open. In it, it is possible to start playing directly through the browser or download the application on the desired platform.

The company itself recommends downloading the app for more stability. Either way, click on the option that best fits your use. Then the site will show catalog options and the possibility to connect to stores like Steam, Epic Games Storeetc.

To start playing, just click on the desired game, select the platform and press the “Play” button. The page will start loading in a moment and you will be connected to the game as per your account plan.

On other platforms, such as Android smartphones, go to the Play Store and download the GeForce Now app. When opening, log in with the account and select the title you want to play. On TVs, check if the manufacturer’s operating system supports the GeForce Now app.