How much does a gaming PC cost to play Call of Duty: MW3?

How much does a gaming PC cost to play Call of Duty: MW3?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the re-release of a classic and brings renewed graphics for old and first-time players. Despite the good quality, the game is not a big challenge to run on the PC and can be played on simpler and more affordable machines. With that in mind, the FreeGameGuide listed three PCs for you to play on COD: MW3 without having a headache and killing it in online shootings.

COD: MW3 It has a very modest technical specifications table. The game brings few improvements compared to its predecessor and, in our tests, the new game performed in a very similar way to the previous one. MW2. This way, you don’t have to do crazy things with your credit card to buy new parts or go into debt to build a super powerful PC.

Specifications for playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Component Minimal (Multiplayer Minimum (General) Recommended Competitive/4K
Processor Intel Core i3-6100 ou AMD Ryzen 3 1200 Intel Core i5-6600 ou AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Intel Core i7-6700K ou AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Intel Core i7-8700K ou AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
RAM 8 GB 8 GB 16 GB 16 GB
Storage Up to 149GB Up to 149GB Up to 149GB Up to 149GB
Video card NVIIDA GTX 960/GTX 1650 ou AMD Radeon RX 470 NVIIDA GTX 960/GTX 1650 ou AMD Radeon RX 470 NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti/ RTX 3060 or AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT NVIDIA RTX 3080 / RTX 4070 ou AMD Radeon 6800 XT
Video memory 2 GB 2 GB 8 GB 10 GB
High resolution files Up to 32GB Up to 32GB Up to 32GB Up to 64GB
Operational system Windows 10

PC to play Call of Duty MW3 at least

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Surprises in the technical specifications required to run the game at minimum quality. While it’s possible to recommend parts similar to what Activision requires, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to make that type of recommendation.

The game runs on the same graphics engine as its predecessors, IW 9.0. This means that the main point when choosing good components to run the game is balance. Therefore, the ideal is to invest in processors powerful enough to handle high frame rates, without giving up a good video card capable of producing a good number of frames.

Because of this, our choice of processor is the AMD Ryzen 5 4600G. This is a six-core model capable of providing the performance necessary for good gaming on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

However, if your budget is tighter and there is no margin to invest in the Ryzen5 4600G, there is a way to make the CPU cheaper. In this case, the indication is the Intel Core i3-10100F, which has less performance than the AMD model, but is cheaper and can suit gamers with budget limitations.

It is essential to purchase 16 GB of RAM in a 2×8 configuration, that is: two 8 GB sticks, totaling 16 GB. It is possible to run the game with just 8 GB in campaign and multiplayer modes, but 16 GB should be the starting point to achieve stability, as this amount of RAM will prevent crashes and stutters that could make you lose matches.

When it comes to storage, it is essential to purchase an SSD, preferably those with NVMe technology, as they offer a lot of speed and are currently available at low prices. It’s worth buying a 1TB model as COD MW3 It requires up to 149GB of storage, and you’ll want to have extra space to download other games in the future.

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How much does a PC cost to play COD MW3 at a minimum?
Component Price
Processor (AMD) Ryzen 5 4600G R$ 628,99
Processor (Intel)

Intel Core i3-10105F R$ 428,99
Motherboard (AMD) ASRock A520M-HVS R$ 359,99
Motherboard (Intel) MSI B560M PRO-E R$ 489,99
RAM XPG Gammix D10 8GB (2x) R$ 271,98
SSD Kingston NV2 1 TB R$ 279,99
Source MSI MAG A550BN R$ 288,99
Video card Radeon RX 6600 CLD 8G AsRock R$ 1.199,99

R$ 3.029,93


R$ 2.829,93

As for the graphics card, the Radeon RX 6600 is the most affordable model we can recommend. This card is ideal for running games in Full HD, medium or high quality at 60 frames per second and has a very competitive price in Brazilian retail. The Ryzen 5 4600G with the RX 6600 will handle Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III without problems, offering up to 80 frames or higher when configuring the game in basic quality, making the experience smooth even on a simpler machine.

However, if the more affordable budget of the Core i3-10100F with the RX 6600 also weighs on your pocket, there is a way to get around the problem and play in a dignified way.

The solution is the Ryzen 5 5600G, a six-core processor and integrated graphics. In practice, this means that the processor itself is already the video card itself and has enough performance to run games. However, this performance is limited and only sufficient to run COD MW3 in minimum quality between 30 and 60 frames, without much margin.

The interesting thing about this option is that the user can buy a dedicated graphics card in the future, such as the RX 6600 itself or similar models, and have more performance when the budget is higher.

PC to play Call of Duty MW3 on high

Going up a notch on the scale, a gaming PC for gaming COD: MW3 With all specs maxed out, it requires better components. This happens because Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIIlike every first-person shooter, requires more processor power and graphics processing to push the frame rate up.

Thus, the choice of video card is the Radeon RX 6750 XT. This card has great Quad HD performance to run various games in high or maximum quality. In recent years, AMD graphics cards have achieved better performance in games from the franchise Call of Dutyjustifying this model as the main GPU.

On the other hand, the GeForce RTX 4060 is an alternative if you prefer Nvidia cards. This model has less performance when compared to the RX 6750 XT, but it stands out in new technologies. One of these features is DLSS 3, which generates more frames and fluidity in the game. The price between the two is close, but the RTX 4060 can be a little cheaper when found in promotions.

How much does a PC cost to play COD MW3 on high?

Component Price
Processor Intel Core i5-12400F R$ 928,99
Motherboard Gigabyte B660M Gold PRO R$ 889,99
RAM Kingston Fury Beast (2x 8GB) R$ 309,99
SSD Kingston NV2 1 TB R$ 279,99
Source Cooler Master MWE V2 750W R$ 449,99
Video card Radeon RX 6750 XT MECH 2X 12G V1 MSI R$ 2.169,99
Total R$ 5.028,94

In the processor, we will maintain the same line of six cores. However, the choice is the Intel Core i5-12400F as it is good value for money and offers great performance for playing games up to Quad HD. Another option is to invest in similar AMD models, such as the Ryzen 5 5600 or even the Ryzen 5 5600X, with more speed and a higher price.

For RAM and storage there is not much to change. It is possible to maintain the same components as in the previous table, but for free budget reasons, we selected RAM memory with better heat dissipation. This won’t influence performance, but it’s an additional spice for this PC.

With a special touch, this gaming PC will run Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 smoothly and at more than 140 frames per second. The machine is powerful enough to handle fluid gameplay in Quad HD, with better defined graphics, or in Full HD for those who want to have the best possible performance in the competitive scenario.

PC to play Call of Duty MW3 in 4K

Finally, the PC for gaming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in 4K and all specifications at maximum you need a GeForce RTX 4070, just as the game’s official specifications point out. This was the graphics card chosen because it delivers a level of performance for those who want to be at the gateway to 4K gaming. The model may need a helping hand from DLSS 3 in certain games, but it’s a walk in the park when it comes to COD MW3.

If the video card goes up, the processor also goes up. Therefore, the Intel Core i5-13600K is one of the best components when it comes to games. The model works with hybrid cores, offering extra performance even if the user wants to play games and do livestreams, for example. In fact, whoever intends to venture into the Warzone 2.0 and its relentless Battle Royale, you will have a competitive advantage, as this processor is a real tank even in complex scenarios.

How much does a PC cost to play COD MW3 in 4K?
Component Price
Processor Intel Core i5-13600K R$ 2.218,99
Motherboard ASUS TUF B760M-Plus R$ 1.299,99
RAM Corsair Vengeance RGB RS (2x 16GB) R$ 599,99
SSD Kingston Fury Renegade 1 TB R$ 499,99
Source Cooler Master MWE V2 750W R$ 449,99
Video card RTX 4070 Wind 2X MSI R$ 4.199,99
Total R$ 9.268,94

In RAM memory, it is recommended to keep the same 16 GB or even expand to 32 GB, if the budget allows. It is worth remembering that until now we have only used DDR4 type memories, but because this machine has very high performance, there is the possibility of switching to DDR5. DDR5 is a newer and faster format, but exponentially more expensive. As it will be the main RAM memory format in the future, it may be interesting to make this purchase now and ensure more longevity with the computer. However, be aware that if you choose DDR5 you will need to change the motherboard, as DDR4 and DDR5 do not have the same slot.

The SSD has received significant improvements. The chosen device, Kingston Fury Renegade, has more speed to load games, even those with larger maps and many players. This is a plus for those who hate waiting for the loading screen for a long time.

This is the ideal setup for the demanding player who can invest a lot to obtain maximum fluidity and competitive advantage in a game like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. In fact, the best of all is that this war zone will run in 4k and high quality for those who don’t want to give up…