Honda Civic hybrid arrives in Brazil more economical to displace Corolla

Honda Civic hybrid arrives in Brazil more economical to displace Corolla

The 11th generation of the Honda Civic will arrive in Brazil willing to displace the Toyota Corolla, its main rival, as one of the best-selling sedans in the country in 2022. The battle, which began many years ago between combustion models, will now be played in the electrified segment.

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The hybrid version of the Honda Civic, called the Civic e:HEV, is longer (4.67 m) and wider (1.80 m). The height remained at 4.13 m, while the wheelbase reached 2.73 m. The sedan will be manufactured in Thailand and sold in several countries, including Brazil.

To keep its legion of fans faithful, the model presented here arrived with impressive numbers, both in terms of performance and economy, the main bets in the particular fight against the Toyota model — which will also change in 2023.

Honda’s official material states that the e:HEV system present in the Honda Civic hybrid “delivers accelerations typical of sports models, in addition to a reduced level of fuel consumption”. According to Inmetro’s Brazilian Vehicle Labeling Program (PBEV), the sedan is capable of running 18.3 km/l in the city and 15.9 km/l on the road.

Efficiency is due to the mechanical assembly, formed by a 2.0 gasoline engine, which offers 143 hp of power and 19.1 kgfm of torque, and an electric motor, capable of delivering 184 horsepower and 32.1 kgfm of torque. torque. This second engine, incidentally, acts as a power generator for the IPU — Intelligent Power Unit —, a set of lithium-ion batteries positioned under the rear seat.

Civic e:HEV: cutting-edge technology and safety

It wasn’t just in terms of motorization that the new generation of the Honda Civic was modernized. The Civic e:HEV’s accessory package is also worthy of praise, both in terms of technology and safety.

Features focused on comfort and interactivity include items such as front seats with multiple electrical adjustments for driver and passenger and body stabilizer, key with remote engine start, 9-inch multimedia center with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, dual zone air conditioning with camouflaged front diffusers, voice assistant, 10.2-inch digital panel, rear seat with folding backrest, wireless cell phone charger, air diffusers and illuminated USB ports in the rear, sunroof and smart windshield wipers.

With regard to safety, the brand equipped the 11th generation of Civic with Honda Sensing. This means that the sedan will run in Brazil with state-of-the-art features, such as:

  • ACC: Adaptive Cruise Control. It helps the driver to maintain a safe distance in relation to the vehicle detected in front of him. It has Low Speed ​​Follow, which allows you to maintain a distance from the vehicle in front even at low speeds;

  • CMBS: Collision mitigation braking system. Activates the brake when detecting a possible frontal collision, with the aim of mitigating accidents. It is capable of detecting and identifying pedestrians and vehicles traveling in the same or opposite direction. Bicycles and motorcycles can also be detected by the camera;

  • LKAS: Lane Keeping Assist System. It detects the lanes and adjusts the direction in order to help the driver to keep the vehicle centered on the marking lines;

  • RDM: Runway avoidance mitigation system. Detects lane departure and adjusts the direction in order to avoid accidents;

  • AHB: Automatic headlight adjustment. Automatic night switching of low and high beams according to the situation.

Honda Civic Hybrid: Price and Availability

Honda’s whimsy in new-generation Civic configurations comes at a price. And he may be the only impediment in the brand’s planning to debunk the hybrid Corolla from the rank of one of the best-selling sedans in Brazil.

The Honda model hits stores at a price of BRL 244,990, while the Toyota sedan costs, according to the 2023 Fipe table, BRL 177,833. The difference of just over BRL 60,000 is heavy, but the Civic e:HEV is betting on the loyalty and need of the model’s fans to grab that market share.

The new generation of Civic will be sold starting this month of January, in four colors in Brazil: Basalt Gray and Platinum Silver (metallic), in addition to White Topázio and Black Cristal, with a pearlescent finish. Honda offers a 3-year warranty, with no mileage limit, except for the hybrid system batteries, which are guaranteed for 8 years or 160,000 kilometers.

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