HBO Max releases for the week (01/25/2023)

HBO Max releases for the week (01/25/2023)

It seems that HBO Max is not very committed to releasing new titles for its subscribers. In the month of January, there were few really interesting novelties and this week’s list of novelties remains unexciting.

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Among the attractions that entered the HBO Max catalog this week, the highlight was Tina, a documentary that tells the personal and professional life of singer Tina Turner, who became famous for her look and for having become the queen of rock ‘n’ roll. ‘United States roll.

Described as a deep dive into the musical icon’s career, the documentary features interviews with the singer herself, as well as friends and family.

Another production that can please HBO Max subscribers is the long Scare Me, a horror film directed by Josh Ruben and starring Aya Cash and Chris Redd.

The plot tells the story of Fred and Fanny, two strangers who share a cabin and who, after a blackout, begin to compete to see who can tell the scariest story.

In addition to these films, we cannot forget the weekly episodes of Velma, All American: Homecoming and, of course, the hit The Last of Us. Remembering that these are just some of the highlights of the list of HBO Max releases for the week. See the full link below.

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All Releases of the Week on HBO Max


  • Velma – Season 1
  • Young Sheldon – Season 6
  • All American: Homecoming – Season 2


  • The English – Season 1
  • scare me
  • The Climb – Season 1
  • Gossip Girl (2021) – Season 2


  • Tina


  • The Last of Us – Season 1


  • Nehir: Fang of Love – Season 1
  • Gangster Hunt

  • Game Theory with Bomani Jones – Season 2
  • The Exorcist