GTA 6 | Florida Joker wants $10 million in compensation from Rockstar

Reprodução/Rockstar Games

The Florida resident satirized in the ad trailer for GTA 6 wants millionaire compensation from Rockstar. Lawrence Sullivan, better known by his infamous nickname the Florida Joker, published a new video on his social networks in which he again criticizes the studio’s decision to use his image in the new game and, therefore, asks for compensation of US$10 million .

Sullivan gained his nickname and worldwide notoriety because of his face tattoos that allude to the Batman villain. After he was arrested in Miami in 2017, images of him went viral and Rockstar decided to play with that when promoting the new Grand Theft Auto. But the boy didn’t take the honor in stride and now he wants to be compensated for it.

In a video posted on his TikTok, Sullivan says he wants compensation for the free advertising he has been doing for GTA 6. More than that, he says he is very bothered and irritated by all the harassment that the use of his image in the game brought. “I can’t even eat a damn pizza without someone asking to take a picture with Mr Joker from GTA”, shouts the Joker from GTA in your post. “No, you can’t take a photo because I’m eating.”

This is not the first time he has complained about the use of his image in the game. Shortly after the announcement of GTA 6, he published a video outraged by the joke and saying that he and Rockstar need to talk. Apparently, the conversation hasn’t come yet.

Although he did not make it clear whether he actually took the matter to the American courts, the Miami celebrity says he wants compensation to compensate for all the suffering and pain that the use of his image caused. According to him, the joke made in GTA 6 can be characterized as defamation.

And of course he doesn’t stop there. Still in the video, Sullivan questions the success of the game series itself. “When will GTA Was it news? Never”, says the boy, who also threatens to release the 18-year-old boy who was arrested in a psychiatric hospital after leaking confidential Rockstar information so that he can hack into the company’s systems again.

Rockstar has not commented on the matter — and is unlikely to do so. GTA 6 is scheduled for 2025 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.