GTA 5 | Security hole allows corrupting game user accounts

GTA 5 |  Security hole allows corrupting game user accounts

A critical vulnerability advisory has been issued since the weekend for Grand Theft Auto V players on PC. The discovery of a high-gravity breach in the game’s online mode would allow attacks against user accounts, changing data and virtual wallets or even suspending or destroying the account.

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Reports began to appear on Twitter, from specialized profiles in the online portion of the title. Taxed as a remote code execution vulnerability, the opening would be in the GTA Online access client, allowing character financial balances to be reset and other irregular changes to be made, in order to dig an automated ban by the developer Rockstar or corruption of saved data.

Tracked as CVE-2023-24059, the vulnerability would even be hitting players who are in another session, without direct contact with the malicious user. Even a notorious GTA 5 cheat tool reportedly added related exploits to its roster of tools over the weekend, removing the features less than a day later and apologizing for their effects on the community.

“Warning for GTA Online on PC: new extreme exploits have emerged, allowing cheaters to remotely add, remove or modify your traits, as well as permanently corrupt, ban or delete your account. Avoid playing without a firewall rule, or avoid playing in general !

It is essential to have a firewall rule in place while playing until Rockstar properly addresses these exploits. Good to use Guardian by @Speyedr_AU!”

Meanwhile, the problem would be serious enough for experts to point out that it’s simply not safe to play GTA Online right now. The reports point out that it would be enough to be connected to the servers, even if using the campaign disconnected from the game, for the profile to be affected by the malicious exploitation, which could also allow the remote execution of codes on the victims’ computers, expanding the scope even further. disastrous vulnerability.

Advanced users can work with firewall rules and security software released by the community, such as Guardian, a way to keep the experience free from external attacks. Among the measures would also be emptying the Rockstar Games folder, in the Windows Documents directory, and rebooting the title, in a possibility that has not been officially confirmed.

“This is how it goes when your account is ‘corrupted’ due to the recent remote control exploit on PC. Basically, you’ll be stuck in the clouds indefinitely when you try to go online. Avoid GTA Online on PC right now.”

Reports of banned or corrupted accounts appear in droves on the game’s official forums, developer Rockstar Games said it was aware of the case and was analyzing cases of problems related to the failure. The company, however, did not speak directly on the subject or give an estimate of when an update that fixes the problem will be available. PlayStation and Xbox console versions of Grand Theft Auto V would not be affected by the exploit, which is exclusive to PC editions of the game.