GTA 5 | Details about canceled DLC and Bully 2 are found in the game’s code

Divulgação/Rockstar Games

While all eyes are focused on the imminent release of the first trailer for GTA 6the long-lived Grand Theft Auto 5 continues to give something to talk about. Ten years after its release, details about an alleged canceled DLC for the game are discovered, showing what Rockstar’s original plans were for the game.

The information was found by dataminers who analyzed codes from the game’s leaked database. And, amidst the various lines of codes present, they identified mentions of content that was never released, such as such an expansion of the story and even citations to the also unpublished Bully 2.

Rumors and expectations for a DLC GTA 5 they are old. Since the game’s original release in 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360, fans expected to see an expansion of the plot be released at some point, especially because the story left some hints for it. I believed that mysteries about aliens planted in some points on the map of Los Santos could be the bridge to this, but these assumptions never came to fruition over the course of an entire decade.

As presented by user Liam on the old Twitter, the discovered codes give some clues as to what this DLC could be. According to him, the expansion would be called Cops N’ Crooks, which can be translated as something close to “Cops and rogues”, but it would have been shelved in 2020 after the death of George Floyd by a white police officer in the USA.

Furthermore, from what the codes present, the extra would be focused on the character Trevor and would also bring some new features in terms of gameplay, such as the addition of a jetpack so that players can fly freely around the map.

All of this leads us to believe, as the user himself pointed out in his post on X, that Rockstar abandoned the idea of ​​an expansion for the single player campaign and turned its efforts to GTA Online. So much so that much of the content that was intended for DLC ended up being adapted for The Doomsday Heist update, released for GTA multiplayer in September 2017.

The reasons for this change, although not officially presented, are easily understandable. Over the years, GTA Online became highly profitable for Rockstar, which clearly focused its efforts on releasing new features for it rather than extending the single player campaign experience. So much so that, ten years later, the online game is still alive and well and very popular — to the point where it is almost certain to think that it will be reused with the arrival of GTA 6.

The signs of Bully 2

Other clues found among leaked codes GTA 5 is also legendary Bully 2a never-released sequel to the classic 2006 PlayStation 2 game. In the lines of code found by dataminers, it is possible to see quotes from the protagonist Jimmy and himself Bully 2although it is not clear exactly what connection Rockstar intended to make between the two franchises.

Because, in practice, the studio never announced Bully 2 officially. The game has always been speculated based on rumors and leaks that fueled fans’ hopes, but without anything very concrete about its development. These rumors have even said that the game was canceled in 2020, when Rockstar would have preferred to focus its efforts on Red Dead Redemption 2 e GTA 6 to continue the controversial school franchise.

In the game, the player controls a school bully who not only got into trouble with other classmates, but also with the teachers themselves — who were also not examples of anything, in the best style. GTA. Because of this, at the request of the Public Ministry of Rio Grande do Sul, Bully It was banned from Brazil in 2008 for “inciting violence against teachers, humiliation and being harmful to children and adolescents”, and was only released in 2016.