GTA 5 | Canceled DLCs would take players back to Liberty City

Divulgação/Rockstar Games

At least eight DLCs GTA 5 have been canceled over the last 10 years — including one that would take players back to Liberty City, the city of the fourth game in the franchise. The news was discovered amidst the game’s source codes leaked after yet another hacker attack on Rockstar.

What draws the most attention is precisely the amount of content that the studio had planned for the game over the last decade, from skin packs to additional single-player campaigns, but which were abandoned to highlight GTA Onlinethe multiplayer installment of the title and which proved to be quite profitable.

Within the source code, DLCs are identified as follows:

  • SP Assassination Pack
  • SP Manhunt Pack
  • SP Norman Pack
  • Relationship Pack
  • Enterprise Pack
  • Agent Trevor
  • Prologue DLC
  • LibertyV DLC

It’s not clear exactly what each of these additional content contained, but the names point some ways. And that’s where things start to get interesting, showing some of the ideas discarded by Rockstar.

An example of this is the so-called Agent Trevor, which appears to be a new set of missions focused on the chaotic character of GTA 5 in which he assumes the role of agent. What exactly this means is unclear, but it is possible to imagine the protagonist working for the government — which would be very interesting to see.

The LibertyV DLC appears to refer to an expansion in which the player would go to Liberty City, the city of GTA 4. Apparently, the idea would be to have the main trio — or at least one of them — visiting Rockstar’s version of New York with all the style and visual improvements existing in GTA 5. It would even be a very interesting way to expand the game and add new locations in addition to the one present in the main campaign, something unprecedented in the franchise until then.

Finally, there is the so-called Prologue DLC, indicating an expansion that would show more of Michael and Trevor’s criminal life before the events of the game. As the name suggests, it would be a DLC that would expand the prologue already present in the game, focusing on the bank robberies they carried out when they were younger.

However, as you may have guessed, none of these DLCs will happen. Although the information in the source code does not mention the dates of these contents, it is obvious that Rockstar gave up on releasing them a long time ago.

GTA 5 It was launched in 2013 and, over these 10 years, it received several re-releases for the following generations and, in none of them, were there any new missions or expansions added. On the contrary, there was an increasing investment in GTA Onlinemaking it very clear why the DLCs never got off the ground.

Packages and crossover

The list of canceled DLCs also has other interesting mentions. The items named Packs appear to be packages of clothing, weapons and vehicles to be used during the campaign, expanding the possibilities for customizing your characters. However, there are some interesting details amid all this.

The so-called SP Manhunt Pack seems to be a package that would rescue an obscure Rockstar game. Considered the studio’s most violent title, Manhunt was originally released for PlayStation 2 and the proposal was to put the player in control of a criminal forced to participate in a real-life violent film. Thus, the objective was to hunt other bandits in an arena in which only one person would survive — almost a very bloodthirsty battle royale.

And, from what the DLC list indicates, GTA 5 almost received a pack of content related to the game. The acronym SP indicates that the idea was to add this to the single player, possibly with weapons and clothes that referenced the PS2 title in a very unusual crossover.