GoPro launches Hero 11 Black Mini in Brazil for R$3,599

GoPro launches Hero 11 Black Mini in Brazil for R$3,599

GoPro has just updated its line of action cameras sold in Brazil, with the new model Hero 11 Black Mini. As the product name might suggest, it is a cheaper and more compact option compared to the Hero 11 Black.

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The camera arrives in national territory for the official cost of R$ 3,599, or R$ 3,419 when paying in cash. For comparison, the Hero 11 Black can already be purchased here with a price of R$ 4,599.

The Mini camera arrives with the same specifications as the device already presented in the United States, in September last year. According to information from GoPro, the product is about 13% smaller and lighter compared to the base model.

However, the reduction in dimensions has its cost. The Hero 11 Black Mini does not have screens for viewing captures in real time, on the camera body itself.

Therefore, only a few basic adjustments can be made at the time of recording, such as resolution, frame rate and capture time — for this, a small display is located on top of the camera.

With a focus on practicality, the device offers only three modes of use, with predetermined settings:

  • Maximum Quality: 5.3K and 60 FPS
  • Extended Battery: 4K, 60 FPS
  • Maximum Battery Life: 1080P, 60 FPS

In any mode, the camera uses SuperView technology to increase the viewing angle of captured content. Other solutions developed by GoPro also serve to optimize video stabilization, among other functions.

GoPro holds contest with $1 million prize

While launching the Hero 11 Mini in the Brazilian market, GoPro took the opportunity to promote its Million Dollar Challenge contest. The competition will select the most creative videos and place them in a compilation of exclusive highlights.

In total, the contest prizes amount to US$ 1 million, divided among the winners. Users can send content until April 2nd, and the video will be presented at the end of the same month.

In addition, GoPro will also host a Q&A session with past Million Dollar Challenge winners. In this way, enthusiasts can receive and share tips and tricks to make their productions more creative and interesting.

Content produced for the contest can be submitted through the GoPro Quik app, available for Android or iOS devices. With it, you can also manage camera parameters such as storage modes and backup options.

The GoPro Hero Black 11 Mini is now available for purchase on the GoProBR portal.