Google wants to build a quantum computer for commercial use by 2029

Google wants to build a quantum computer for commercial use by 2029

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Google revealed on its own blog plans to create a quantum computer by the end of this decade. Among the company’s objectives to build the supermachine are the resolution of issues of hunger in the world, climate change and the development of better medicines.

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The news was announced during its annual Google I / O programmer conference last week, when the company also cited the new Quantum AI campus in Santa Barbara, set up especially for the development of quantum technology.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the research center will have a quantum data center, hardware research laboratories and quantum processor manufacturing facilities. All of this is expected to consume billions of dollars in the coming years.

With advances in this technology, the processing power provides for the simulation of molecules in nature. However, a challenge that companies in the sector still face is that of the mistakes that quantum computers make. With the Quantum AI program, Google is confident in the evolution of this front precisely because its team has “important components” to reduce these flaws.

Quantum supremacy

A quantum computer is not for home use, at least for now. That is, it is not used to access social networks, watch movies and play games. The machine’s main objective is to carry out complex simulations and calculations, generally used by healthcare, technology, business and other sectors. Today, these companies use so-called “supercomputers”, which have a high processing power, but still expend a lot of energy and do not deliver results as quickly.

In 2019, Google shared a milestone for them and the industry. In a publication in the scientific journal Nature, one of its quantum computers was able to perform a calculation in 200 seconds that would take 10,000 years or more on a traditional supercomputer. At the time, Alphabet’s company claimed that, with the conquest, they had achieved quantum supremacy. However, IBM, another technology giant that invests in the industry, countered Google by saying that the calculation would take up to 2.5 days, not thousands of years.

In any case, the quantum race continues, with the expectation that Google will deliver a quantum computer for “business purposes” by 2029, which would have a major impact in several sectors. And it is worth noting that China also appears as a strong competitor in the sector, which may even shorten this period in the coming years.