Google Play Games gets new icon also on Android

Google Play Games gets new icon also on Android

Google’s Play Games platform finally received the reworked icon on Android. Inaugurated in the service launched on PC, the new logo follows the visual pattern of the Google ecosystem, with a flat look, few colors and surrounded by a circle of white.

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The revamped Play Games icon first appeared in 2021 when Google announced the debut of the PC gaming platform. The new look was made official in March last year, along with the launch of the company’s new service.

Like other Google service shortcuts, the new Play Games icon is fully 2D, without shadows and with a simpler, darker color palette. The button is completely round and white, similar to what was introduced in the Play Store logo on the 10th anniversary in 2022.

respecting the origins

In a way, Google preserves the visual identity presented in 2016, in which services related to the Play Store have a triangle with rounded ends.

The Play Games review is in distribution in Android app version 2023.01.40470. The delivery of the new icon happens gradually, so it should take some time to reach everyone.

Source: 9to5Google