Google Meet will make it easier to share files in meetings

Google Meet will make it easier to share files in meetings

Google Meet made it easy to share files between callers. Now, when starting a presentation on the service, a “Share” button will appear on the screen so that the presenter can send the complete document to colleagues, whether they are inside the meeting or absent who have been invited.

  • Google Calendar will block duplicate appointments
  • Zoom rooms can be accessed via Google Meet — and vice versa

Addition is quite simple and, in practice, is not a new function. The “Share” button basically makes transferring files less complicated, serving as a native Google Meet solution to speed up the process.

In addition to the “Share” button, Google Meet will be “smarter” with sharing file links in Drive. When sending an address to a document in chat, the platform will automatically display a menu to adjust sharing preferences, allowing you to adjust who can view, comment and edit.

Sharing files, especially presentations, is one of the most common actions within the work environment (especially in meetings). Although the innovations are small, making the process easier is crucial to differentiate Google Meet from other corporate communication platforms and, obviously, save users time during their routine.

gradual distribution

These new features are rolling out to all Google Workspace plans, legacy G Suite, and personal accounts. The gradual release of features started on Wednesday (25) and should reach all users within 15 days.