Google makes it easy to edit information for merchants on Maps and the search engine

Google makes it easy to edit information for merchants on Maps and the search engine

If you have an enterprise with an active presence in Google products, please be aware that, from now on, it will be unnecessary to access the My Business panel (or My Business, in the original in English) to make changes to information such as the official website, contact phone and opening hours. The company decided to facilitate this process, which can be done directly through Google Search or Google Maps.

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The announcement of the novelty was made on Thursday (13) and aims to simplify the routine of small entrepreneurs during the crisis of COVID-19. As well observed by the company, it became necessary to maintain an agile communication with its customers, adapting their opening hours based on the rules imposed by health entities and even carrying out a specific stoppage of their commercial activities.

To take advantage of the new functions, just make sure that you are signed in with the same Google account used to create the digital presence of your business. In Search, when searching for the name of the establishment or “my business”, some editing buttons appear automatically; in Maps, the option “Profile Your Business” was added in the left side menu of the interface.

Image: Disclosure / Google

In addition to editing basic information, it is also possible to create posts, respond to comments and add official photos using such means. Google is also redesigning the statistics panel to make it easier to understand the interaction data of Internet users with the development pages. The news first arrives in the United States, being ported to other countries and languages ​​in the near future.