Games from 2023 have the best ratings of the last 20 years

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In a survey carried out by Axios, it was discovered that game launches in 2023 continue to have the best ratings in the last 20 years according to reviews, showing that the work of developers remains better evaluated and, interestingly, the majority of these games had a longer period of time. development.

So far in 2023, 25 games released have received a score of 90 or higher on at least one platform on Metacritic. This value is the highest in decades, and in the last 10 years games with scores higher than 90 did not reach the 20s ā€” the last time it exceeded it was in 2011.

The good news is that most of these games had a longer development cycle, going against the trend of companies that release annual games. Some examples are The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (96) with 6 years of development and Baldur’s Gate III (96) at least 3 years old. In addition to these games, remakes and remasters loved by the public are on the list.

Axios’ Reviews also reveals that many games with scores greater than 80 on Metacritic appeared this year, showing that even those that didn’t achieve excellence among the public still have good scores, such as Hi-Fi Rush (87), Dead Space Remake (89), Armored Core VI (88) e Pizza Tower (89).

More time, more quality

The extended development time still has some of the causes of the 2020 pandemic, in which many games had longer development cycles due to the limitations of the period and, to this day, some games are still reflections of delays. However, the longer time helped the developers to correct common problems in accelerated deliveries, better understand the new generation engines and make the game much more polished, offering more quality to the player.

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Source: Axios