Galaxy Book 3 line will have 120 Hz AMOLED screen, confirms Samsung

Galaxy Book 3 line will have 120 Hz AMOLED screen, confirms Samsung

Already common in cell phones of different price ranges, 120 Hz screens are still not so common in notebooks — being generally restricted to gamer models. However, this should change in the Galaxy Book 3 line, according to what has already been confirmed by Samsung Display, Samsung’s screen division.

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In a statement made to the press, the company said that it “will show the panel performance of its products, with a 16:10 aspect ratio, refresh rates at 120 Hz and 3K resolution”.

For comparison, the Galaxy Book 2 line features 60 Hz panels — a feature that has been criticized by some users over the last few months.

Galaxy Book 3 will have a more modern and sustainable screen

In the same statement, Samsung Display said it “plans to apply its OCTA panel technology to Samsung devices.” The solution cited is the On-Screen Touch AMOLED, or AMOLED screen touches, in free translation.

This is a technology already applied in Galaxy line smartphones, with a focus on the manufacturing capacity of the panel. To do this, the layer of touches is removed, and the touchscreen sensors are integrated into the screen itself.

According to information provided by the Korean company, the solution can make the screen 6 to 11% thinner. Furthermore, OCTA allows manufacturing and assembly to happen more sustainably.

In addition, the new screen still has the traditional advantages of OLED, such as improved contrast and brighter colors. With individual lighting on each pixel, darker scenes can achieve a more advanced black level.

Based on what was seen during CES in the early days of the year, 2023 should be a pretty busy year as far as display technologies are concerned. The popularization of OLED and Mini LED products should be a very noticeable movement, in addition to other more daring solutions — such as, for example, 3D, flexible, scrollable and micro LED screens.

The Galaxy Book 3 line will be presented on February 1st, through the Galaxy Unpacked event already scheduled by Samsung. In addition to laptops, the Galaxy S23 line of smartphones will be shown, also with branded OLED screens.

Source: PCWorld