Free Trial Center | Is it possible to get free clothes at Shein?

Free Trial Center |  Is it possible to get free clothes at Shein?

The Free Trial Center, also known as the Free Trial Center, is a section of Shein that allows you to earn free clothes. In return, each recipient has to write a report with all the details about the piece.

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The promise is tempting, but getting a free outfit from Shein isn’t that simple. The platform draws three winning accounts for each item available for redemption, but competition is high: during the production of this article, some pieces had more than 60,000 people registered for the draw.

How does the Shein Free Trial Center work?

Free Trial Center is a platform that makes Shein garments available for free trial. Each marketplace profile can register for the drawing of up to three items per week. If it wins, the clothing is sent to the registered address and the user has ten days to write a review.

Garment reports must contain dos and don’ts, photos, and detailed information about fit, fabric quality, and other requirements. Each shipment earns an additional 20 points to your Shein account, which can be used to receive coupons or discounts.

Shein chooses the winners of each test by lottery. According to the regulation of this action, there is an automated system that elects among the participants. The platform considers potential buyers, profiles with a lot of activity on the marketplace and accounts that have participated in past tests. The item list is updated weekly.

How to sign up for free clothes at Shein

  • Open the Shein app and tap the “Free Trial” icon on the homepage. If you don’t find the option, go to in your browser;
  • The app will list all available parts for the week. Choose the outfit you want to compete for and tap “Free Trial”;
  • Select the size, confirm the delivery address and complete the order for free. From that moment on, you will compete for the clothing draw.
  • How to track my orders in the Free Trial Center

  • In the Shein app, tap “Profile”;
  • Then go to “My test article”;
  • On the next screen, you can view all pending orders. If you win the draw, you will receive a notice at the same location.
  • In addition, the same screen presents a tab to send test reports. The app only allows you to register three times a week.