Free Technology Courses | Music, programming, SAP and more

Free Technology Courses |  Music, programming, SAP and more

Educational institutions are offering free training courses in different areas, from music to programming. The School of Music of the State of São Paulo (EMESP) Tom Jobim has 773 vacancies open for more than 72 course options in various musical styles. Gama Academy has 70 spaces exclusively for people with disabilities, aiming to introduce these professionals to the technological market.

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The {reprograma} initiative has vacancies open exclusively for women in social vulnerability who wish to train in programming, offering 40 vacancies for Front-End and Back-End courses. Black, trans and transvestite women will have priority. Check out the courses of the week at FreeGameGuide below.

School of Music of the State of São Paulo – EMESP Tom Jobim

The Escola de Música do Estado de São Paulo – Tom Jobim, has 773 vacancies open for the 2023 Open Courses. from beginner level students to the most advanced. The courses are free and last for one year, with two hours of class per week. Interested parties can register until January 29 through the EMESP Tom Jobim website.

ALFA Sistemas

ALFA Sistemas has 25 free vacancies available for residents of the Greater ABC region and region who want to work in the technological area. The 4th SAP Academy aims to train consultants for the SAP ecosystem, a German multinational company, world leader in the management software market. Applications must be made by January 26th, and are available on the ALFA website.

Classes will be held from Monday to Friday, from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm, in person at the company’s headquarters in São Caetano do Sul (SP). The start of the course is scheduled for January 30, with a total workload of 80 hours. To participate, candidates must have graduated or study from the 4th year of courses in accounting sciences, business administration, economics, management, among others.

To confirm the enrollment, those interested must register in the SAP e-learning and send the certificate generated in the system to the e-mail address: [email protected], until the 26th of January. Those who stand out during the training will have the opportunity to be recruited to occupy the position of SAP Junior, with a starting salary of BRL 3,360 under a cooperative hiring system.

To transform

Mills, a leading Latin American equipment rental company, is promoting the TransFORMAR program — an initiative that offers scholarships for technical courses. To apply for scholarships, it is necessary to be available for technical study in the 2 years of the program (which may vary), have a monthly family income of up to 3 minimum wages, have studied in public schools or have full scholarships in private schools, and be between 18 and 28 years.

In addition to the full scholarship for the course, students who do not have an employment relationship will receive a stipend at Mills, in the amount of R$ 300. Entries can be made until January 31, through the TransFORMAR program page. In case of doubt, the program made available WhatsApp number (11) 99383-9959.


{reprograma} is an initiative that aims to introduce vulnerable women into the programming market, prioritizing black, trans and transvestites. The program has 40 vacancies open for its two new courses: Front-End and Back-End. Both opportunities are free, online and aimed at women from all over Brazil, over 18 years old, with little or no programming knowledge and complete secondary education — the latter being a non-mandatory requirement for trans and transvestite women. Those interested can register until February 3, through the reprogram page.


iTalents, a tech career accelerator in Brazil, is preparing for the proTalents program, which will offer at least 25 training courses in the IT sector throughout 2023. The courses are free, as they are sponsored by companies interested in training future employees — so that graduates already have a direct connection to the job market.

Sponsorship consists of an investment and a certain number of vacancies, which may or may not target a specific audience, so that the partner company can monitor the development of fellows throughout their training. Interested parties can register for the selection process on the iTalents page.


DIO, an open education platform in IT, announces the event “The Best Year of Your Life”, which will be promoted completely online and free of charge. The novelty aims to help people who have no experience in the job market or who are in career transition. There will be two days of immersion, with step-by-step instructions for those who want to take off in technology careers in 2023. Participants can register until January 24th, through the DIO page.

BRF Institute and Gama Academy

The BRF Institute and Gama Academy entered into a partnership to offer 70 scholarships in a preparatory development path for people with disabilities to enter the technology field. The project will feature three phases, including immersive training and specialization. The learning model consists of the following structure:

  • Asynchronous, synchronous and mentoring classes;
  • 81 hours of content on Starter Development and 135 hours of content on React and .NET;
  • Immersive and transformative methodology;
  • Individual and group practical challenges;
  • Development of hard and soft skills;

Graduates will still have the chance if they are hired by the Institute. The 25 chosen will go through a new track focused on specialization in React and .NET. Any person with a physical or intellectual disability, who is of legal age, has completed high school and is a resident of Brazilian territory, can apply. Those interested can register and obtain more information on the program’s website.