Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth | 5 reasons why it is the most anticipated game of the year

Divulgação/Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 Remake It was a release that everyone was very excited to play, but it was impossible to rule out the possibility that the new version of the classic RPG would be disastrous. With the quality of the game proven and its completely insane conclusion, fans began to anticipate the arrival of its sequel.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth arrives with much more weight than the first part of the project, but there are some very specific reasons why it could, in February, be the biggest game launch in 2024. Discover some of the reasons that make it so anticipated.

5. What else will change in the story?

The conclusion of the first part of the remake of Final Fantasy 7 left fans confused and excited, as instead of following exactly the plot of the original game, the game appears to be a kind of reimagining. This change allowed the adaptation the freedom to approach some events in a different way throughout the game, and really changing things a lot at the end.

Bringing all this freedom to the story and basically saying that the characters now have the freedom to follow their destinies, fans began to question how different Rebirth could be from the classic released back in 1997, on the PS1.

The appearance of a specific character at the end of the game and in trailers for FF7 Rebirth has already left everyone very excited about the new paths.

4. The return of old acquaintances

Final Fantasy 7 Remake brought Cloud, Barret, Tifa and Aerith to the main party, forming the initial team of the story, without introducing the rest of the game’s group. This made a lot of sense given the piece of history that the first part of the project adapted, still showing Red XIII, without being able to add him to your party.

This changes in Rebirth, since in addition to Nanaki, other characters enter the scene, such as Cait Sith, Cid and Yuffie, who had already starred in her own DLC focused on her adventures. The presence of these heroes seems to hit the nostalgia button directly for fans of FF7 and in itself it would be reason enough to make Rebirth unmissable. But there’s one more character there that everyone was waiting for and he’s also coming back!

3. Vincent Valentine is among us once again!

Just like Yuffie, Vincent Valentine was a character from Final Fantasy 7 which was kind of “secret”, since the player could finish the entire game campaign without recruiting them to their team. However, bringing them was always cooler and Vincent adds a lot to his story, directly linked to Sephiroth.

Furthermore, the character was quite stylish and became one of the fans’ favorites, even getting a (weird) solo game in the form of Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. Your return in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth It became quite anticipated and, after its reveal in trailers, it became impossible not to want to play it right away to include it in your party.

2. Zack is back!

A character who has an important presence in the story of the original game Zack Fair has a very close connection to characters like Sephiroth, Aerith and Cloud, even passing his sword to his friend.

The SOLDIER member even starred in his own game, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7and appear in the film Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children. His participation in the remake was not unexpected, but his fate was. Zack dies in the original game, something that was changed in the new title.

Zack’s participation in the trailers, in unprecedented events, could completely change the story of Rebirth, but no one knows exactly how this will work. And if one story was changed at this level, another could be too…

1. Will Aerith wear the eternal longing shirt or not?

Let’s get to the main reason behind so much expectation around Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. One of the most important points in the history of Final Fantasy 7 it is the sacrifice of Aerith, killed by Sephiroth at a critical moment in the plot. It’s something that players didn’t expect and, for a long time, there was always talk that it was possible to bring her back (it never happened).

Her death was canonical and quite necessary for the rest of the story to develop, in addition to helping to cement Sephiroth’s threat and aura as a great villain. Because of this, there has always been the advice “Don’t waste time evolving Aerith”.

But now everything has changed. Not only did she become an important member of the party in Final Fantasy 7 Remakehow this whole possibility of things being different made the flame of hope rise in the hearts of fans: will Aerith still die in Rebirth? Will the trauma of thousands of players around the world be resolved in 2024?

We will know the answer from February 29th, the date on which Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth arrives on PS5.