Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth | 5 games that influenced the new chapter

Divulgação/Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is one of the most anticipated games of 2024, continuing Square Enix’s project of retelling the story of the 1997 classic, bringing some very interesting new features. Even though it is quite similar to the first part of the remake and the original itself, some elements of Rebirth seem very inspired by other titles in the gaming world.

Following the saying “nothing is created, everything is copied”, the Square Enix team that worked on FF7 Rebirth managed to understand what worked in other games and that he could work on the new part of the remake, with some unexpected titles for those who like Japanese RPGs.

5. Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is clearly an inspiration for the remake of Final Fantasy 7 and its second part, Rebirth, starting with the fact that Tetsuya Nomura created the Square Enix and Disney RPG franchise, and works as creative director of the new game. However, just check the dynamism in combat and the way the “turns” work to notice the similarities between the two series.

This was already quite present in the first part of the Remake, but FF7 Rebirth makes this even stronger, especially with the new features added to the gameplay, such as synergy skills, item creation and “folios”, large books with skill trees that can be unlocked by the player.

4-3. Far Cry e Assassin’s Creed

The idea that games like Far Cry e Assassin’s Creed may be influences on Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth It seems crazy, but it makes a lot of sense when you keep in mind the news related to exploring the game’s map.

Even though the game’s world is divided into areas, the open world setting exists and is grand, with several hidden activities as you progress through it. For these activities and other elements to be revealed, you need to connect towers spread across the map to satellites.

Although this is extremely common nowadays in games of this type, Ubisoft was a pioneer in popularizing “towers to release maps” in video games. It’s a mechanic that undeniably works and now there’s another new title that uses it to prove its effectiveness.

2-1. Persona e Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

The RPG series released by Sega, Persona e Like a Dragonhave in common the idea that relationships between characters can completely change the way stories and combat can be developed.

The Atlus series is well known for using Social Links, a mechanic in which the main character needs to interact through activities or dialogues with other characters. By doing this, it is possible to unlock powers, information about the plot or simply make the development of the plot much deeper. This is present even in the recent Persona 3 Reload.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealththe most recent game in the franchise created by Ryu Ga Gotuku Studios, follows a similar path, allowing Ichiban and Kiryu to interact with teammates and bring them closer together and with a greater chance of causing more damage during combat.

Em Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, a new dialogue system was introduced in which you can choose the response Cloud will give, changing how other characters react to him. It is also possible to carry out some activities that bring the heroes closer together, which can help in the development of synergy skills, in addition to influencing moments in the story, such as the pair that is taken to the Golden Saucer.

Even with all these influences, Square Enix promises even more news for the game, reinforcing the idea of ​​it being one of the biggest releases of 2024.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will be released on February 29th, for PS5.