eSIM Holafly offers internet when traveling abroad without changing SIM cards

eSIM Holafly offers internet when traveling abroad without changing SIM cards

Have you ever thought about traveling anywhere in the world with free internet and without the need for a SIM card? This is already possible thanks to Holafly’s technology and its prepaid international eSIM. The solution allows you to stay connected without roaming charges and without surprises when paying the bill.

An eSIM is a kind of virtual chip that can be configured on cell phones to make calls or access the mobile internet. You don’t need to insert it into your device’s SIM card tray and you can still keep your contacts intact on the original SIM card.

One of the advantages is that the eSIM is stored on your cell phone, so you don’t run the risk of losing it. For those who are backpacking through several countries or need to use their cell phones a lot when traveling, it is much more practical to get rid of that swapping chips during the trips.

There is also the sustainable side, as there is no need for packaging or use of plastic to make the product. It’s all 100% digital: you buy it, install it, use it and it doesn’t generate any type of solid waste to be disposed of.

What are the differentials of Holafly chips?

The company has a 24-hour support team via WhatsApp to resolve any issues. That means you’ll never be let down, even if you’re having trouble during the night or in another time zone.

The purchase process is easy and very fast, with an email arriving right away in your inbox with the data. There is no need for prior technical knowledge: just follow Holafly’s guidelines to install everything correctly in up to one minute, immediately activating your eSIM via QR Code.

The data packages are flexible and can be configured according to the customer’s needs. For shorter trips, it is possible to buy as little as five days of internet. For exchanges or activities that require more time abroad, it is allowed to obtain a plan lasting up to three months

Prices vary depending on the desired time and destination, with values ​​starting at US$ 19.00 for an unlimited data package for five days. There are plans for specific countries, such as the United States or Portugal, or for entire regions, such as Europe, South America, North America, Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Middle East.

eSIM x Roaming x Local Sim

To understand why Holafly’s chip is advantageous, you need to understand the differences between the three telephony choices. Look:

  • eSIM: works like a normal chip, with internet access and, in some cases, calls. The difference is that the configuration is all done by your cell phone’s operating system, without needing a key to open the chip tray or carrying a bunch of stuff around. The eSIM connects to the local operator in the country to provide quality data to the user.
  • Roaming: refers to a cell phone being used outside the range of its native network and connected to another available network. Usually, high fees are charged for this service, because your device will be connected to a third-party infrastructure, outside the region where you are a customer. Each megabyte used can cost up to R$12.90, making the bill very expensive next month.
  • Local SIM: Local SIM is the most common alternative used by people in the regions where they reside. All you have to do is go to a telephone store and purchase a chip (prepaid, postpaid or control) to access calls and data packages.
  • Having a local SIM is not a good choice for those traveling, because you would need to present all the required documentation to buy it, such as a passport and, in some cases, even proof of physical address. In addition to the language barrier, each country has its own specific rules, which can vary greatly at each stop.

    The best solution is to have an eSIM that can be purchased online, without requiring documents and with internet access in various regions of the planet. Why bother with analogue technology if there is an effective modern solution?

    Mobile chips for international travel

    Holafly’s solution is ideal for those who need to stay outside Brazil, but still want to be connected to the internet on their cell phone for leisure or work. Access the site in Portuguese, check the list of compatible devices — do this before buying so you don’t have a problem — and find out if your iPhone or Android is compatible with the eSIM.

    If you prefer, you can also download the Holafly app for iOS. This way you can track, in real time, how much data you are actually using on your trip.

    Buy the Holafly unlimited internet chip right now