Energy bills must now have a mandatory payment option with Pix

Energy bills must now have a mandatory payment option with Pix

Last Tuesday (24), the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) approved a resolution that obliges energy distributors to offer Pix as a means of payment for energy bills. Prior to the decision, the choice of whether or not to offer the instant payment method was up to the company. Providers will have a period of 120 days to implement the option.

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One of the objectives of the decision is to avoid problems arising from the delay in recognizing payments made by conventional means, such as the suspension of energy supply. Through Pix, payment is counted when payment is made.

According to the agency, the decision also reduces operating costs, since the fees charged by banking institutions using the Pix QR Code are lower than those of other payment methods. However, he points out that the collection cost is made up of other factors, so that the reduction would not mean a drop in the tariff for customers.

It is worth noting that the new rule only includes Pix as an alternative, but the barcode will remain on invoices.

What do dealerships say?

In a note to the Extra newspaper, Light claimed that it has already offered payment through Pix since the end of 2021. Customers can make payment through QR Code or by the ′′ copy and paste ′′ code, available on invoices.

Enel, on the other hand, declared that it has already started the development of the solution for its distributors in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Ceará, but that it will respect the period of 120 days established by Aneel.

Source: Extra