E3 2023 | Xbox, Sony and Nintendo should not attend the event in person

E3 2023 |  Xbox, Sony and Nintendo should not attend the event in person

E3 2023, the main gaming event in the world, will return to face-to-face editions this year. But, by all indications, the pavilion of the Los Angeles Convention Center will be quite empty. According to backstage information, Xbox, Sony and Nintendo will not be present with booths.

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The investigation was carried out by IGN International, which got in touch with some sources and collected important testimonials on the subject. In all cases, the main first party companies in the games market chose to leave the event aside and invest in online presentations.

If this is confirmed, it is possible that we will have more explanations over the months, but the first edition of E3 after the height of the pandemic and with the return of the public would certainly not be the cheapest jobs. In addition, companies must have weighed the fact that it is more advantageous to present online.

According to IGN, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, neither confirmed nor denied that the company will not go to E3 in person, but all works indicate that we will see the upcoming Xbox Series X and Series S and PC games in presentations, as it happened in the past two years.

Sony and Nintendo, in turn, remain mysterious, but it is taken for granted in the market that both will also be out, also investing in the “Direct” format.

E3 2023 is scheduled to take place between the 13th and 16th of June in Los Angeles/USA.