DualSense Edge | PS5 “Pro” controller shows smaller battery in dismantling

DualSense Edge |  PS5 "Pro" controller shows smaller battery in dismantling

Sony’s response to the Xbox Elite Controller, the DualSense Edge for PS5 has been scrapped by Australian retailer Budd’s Controllers, with the lowest-capacity battery shown. Apparently, the energy cell had to be reduced in order to be installed without major difficulties among the various new buttons on the accessory, which begins to be sold this Thursday (26) — but not in Brazil, where it was postponed from unexpected way.

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In one of the hands-on sessions made with the press in December, Sony confirmed that the DualSense Edge would have a “smaller battery life”, without giving too many details. With little access time, the media could not assess how much less the novelty’s autonomy would be, which raised concerns among those interested in the device. The situation gained a new chapter today thanks to a dismantling made by the Australian Budd’s Controllers, specialized in producing customized joysticks.

In the image posted on Twitter, the store displays the launch without the back cover, with exposed internal components, including the battery. Although the cell’s capacity inscriptions are not visible, when placed next to a unit coming from a traditional DualSense, it is visible as there was a drastic cut. The photo also makes clear one of the possible reasons for the reduction.

The device embarks four new buttons on the back, reducing the space available for the battery, which must have forced the Japanese giant to reduce the cell’s capacity. It is worth remembering that there are batteries of greater density, with more material to store energy in the same space, but it is not possible to know the feasibility of using this technology in terms of durability and price, something that could make the control even more expensive, announced by a value already quite high — US$ 199.99 (~R$ 1,020) abroad.

It is also not possible to know the real autonomy offered by the DualSense Edge, but with several vehicles and the users themselves starting to receive the device from today, more details about the time of use should appear in the coming days, or even in the next few hours.

DualSense Edge is postponed in Brazil

At the same time, PlayStation Brasil announced through the platform’s official blog that the Brazilian launch of the DualSense Edge has been postponed indefinitely. The company claims to be facing “unexpected logistical challenges”, without detailing what those obstacles would be, and claims to be doing “everything possible to bring control to our fans as quickly as possible”. The company also asks users to keep an eye on the brand’s social networks.

Announced in August last year, the DualSense Edge is Sony’s bet to attract enthusiast and professional players, being the first “Pro” control developed by the giant itself. In addition to incorporating the attractive features of the traditional DualSense, such as adaptive triggers, the model stands out for its bolder design, replaceable joystick modules, customizable directional pads, additional buttons and customization software with different profiles.

The accessory is still on pre-sale in the national market for R$ 1,449.90 and, on the Amazon Brazil page, it is scheduled for delivery on March 3 – you have to wait, however, for an official announcement from Sony so that this deadline is confirmed.

Source: WCCFTech, PlayStation Blog