Does iPad Pro with Keyboard Replace a Computer?

Does iPad Pro with Keyboard Replace a Computer?

iPads are more and more evolved and the Pro models launched already have the same processor used in MacBooks: the Apple M1 and Apple M2.

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This makes them great options for anyone who wants a device with high processing power, to perform tasks that previously could only be masterfully performed on a computer or notebook. The advantage is portability, as iPads are much easier to carry around.

But, is it possible to use Apple tablets as a notebook if you add a keyboard to the setup? I took this test and used an iPad Pro with M1 chip for the last few weeks as my main device for work and now I give my verdict.

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The chosen setup

It is important to highlight that I focused on choosing a more “simple” setup, instead of opting exclusively for Apple models. In this way, you can complete your set of devices with devices that you may already have at home.

For starters, I didn’t use the official Apple keyboard for the iPad. The chosen model was a Logitech wireless mechanical keyboard, which can be paired with the Apple tablet via Bluetooth.

But it is crucial to emphasize that, despite being much more expensive, the Magic Keyboard, from the brand itself, would provide a more complete service, since it also has a trackpad that allows you to perform some functions by gestures, such as pinching to zoom in and out. or swiping open the app switcher.

In addition to the keyboard, I also used a Bluetooth mouse, also from Logitech. However, this is not extremely necessary, as you can use navigation right on the iPad screen. Anyway, adding this peripheral makes a day’s work more practical and agile — and the experience closer to a PC, which is the purpose of this text.

Optionally, you could also add a monitor to have a bigger screen, but I think that would escape the proposal a little. Including a docking station would also expand the options and allow you to connect devices with HDMI or USB inputs, but I didn’t use this accessory either.

But after all, is it possible to use an iPad Pro as a notebook?

Simply put, yes! You can use an iPad Pro as a notebook as it will serve you just as well as a laptop. The firepower of the Apple M1 or M2 present in the company’s tablets allows several functions to be performed with peace of mind — many times even better than computers in the same price range would do.

Here, I used it more for work, but I also used it for leisure. Professionally, I was able to do research, browse the internet, edit spreadsheets and write my texts normally. For this, I used Google’s free apps like Docs and Sheets. However, if you have a subscription, you can also use equivalent Microsoft tools such as Word or Excel.

In this way, if you use a notebook in a simpler way to work with these platforms or simply to study, the iPad Pro will be able to serve you as well as a notebook.

It also easily handles heavier tasks, such as video editing, for example. So, if you are a content creator, using an iPad Pro can make your daily life easier.

As for everyday life — to enjoy my leisure time — I used social networks a lot, watched movies and series on streaming services or simply surfed the internet. This can be done both with the keyboard and without, of course. By the way, this is another great advantage of using the iPad for work: you can take advantage of it in a hybrid way, instead of having to use one device for work and a more portable one for leisure.

Another interesting point is that, in addition to using a mouse to facilitate navigation, the use of the touch screen also helps a lot to make everything even simpler. With a notebook, this would only be possible if you opt for a more advanced model, which has a touchscreen, or a 2-in-1.

And what are the disadvantages of using an iPad Pro as a notebook?

If you use a notebook to work and want to replace it with an iPad, the main point to note is the lack of support for more specific programs. Here, for example, I use platforms for publishing texts that don’t have a version for mobile devices, so I was still dependent on the laptop to finish some work.

In some companies, it is also necessary to connect to the company network, sometimes through VPN, and this is a factor that also weighs against using the iPad Pro as a notebook for work.

Another point that bothered me a little was the difference in functionality between the mobile version of some applications and the version I usually use on my computer. This can be worked around if I access it through the browser, but the experience is still not the same. This is more a matter of habit, of course.

battery usage

As for battery usage, this can be a problem if you are used to more powerful notebooks with good autonomy. Apple’s tablet even lasts a long time away from the sockets, but it certainly won’t last a whole day of work, especially if you make a lot of use of editing tools.

Here, however, with a more moderate use and only accessing social networks and text editing apps, the duration of a charge was around five to six hours — which is already much more than I am used to with the notebook that I use daily.

This duration could be even better, but I completely disabled the screen lock for inactivity and used the brightness at maximum, so the iPad could be said to have stayed on during my entire shift.

Can an iPad Pro replace a computer well?

Answering the question in the title of this article. The iPad Pro’s M1 or M2 chip is sure to withstand a lot of jolts when carrying out any task and will certainly not let you down even in more complex activities, such as video editing. Some professionals have even adopted the device as their main work tool.

In terms of performance, it does not lag behind computers with intermediate hardware and, in some cases, it may even be more practical, due to its portability and versatility.

For studies, it will serve you completely and you won’t miss almost anything. For work, however, the absence of specific tools or programs can be a problem if your company requires this type of software, but if you use platforms that are available in the browser or in the App Store, there will be no difficulties.

One obstacle can be the price — after all, an iPad Pro is much more expensive than an intermediate notebook. But if that’s not a problem, he can be good company in everyday life.

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