Diablo 4 is free for a limited time on Steam

Divulgação/Activision Blizzard

It’s going to be a hellish week for PC gamers — but in a good way. Activision Blizzard’s big release of the year, Diablo 4 It will be free on the platform until November 28th. Thus, players will be able to check out the most recent chapter of the demonic franchise, as well as enjoy all the modes and other new features that the game offers.

The free version, however, is only available via Steam and has some limitations. Although all of the game’s content will be available during the period, adventurers will have their characters limited to level 20, making it impossible to evolve their heroes further. This is a way to encourage the public to purchase the full version of the RPG and immerse themselves in the battle against the forces of darkness in its entirety.

For that, Diablo 4 It will be on a 40% promotion until the end of the month, selling for R$209.94. Anyone who upgrades to the full version will be able to take all the progress made during the free period.

The promotion also comes in time for The Game Awards voting, in which the game competes in two categories. Diablo 4 was nominated for Best Multiplayer and Innovation in Accessibility. However, it was expected that it would also receive a nomination in the Best RPG category, but ended up being left off the list for the main award in the gaming world. Still, he competes for his trophies.

Launched in June 2024, Diablo 4 takes players back to the dark world of Activision Blizzard’s franchise, this time to face a new demonic force. In the plot, a group of cultists invokes the demon Lilith, who takes advantage of the attrition of the forces of Paradise and Hell to reconquer the Sanctuary, a kingdom created by her in the past to house her children — who are now targets of hunters.

On Metacritic, a website that aggregates reviews from all over the world and averages the scores, it gives the game an 86, showing how well the fourth chapter in the series was accepted by specialized critics. The general assessment is that Activision Blizzard learned from the mistakes of the previous game — which had several connection and monetization problems since its launch — and brought a much more consistent adventure, perfect for both veterans and newcomers.