Communities reach WhatsApp after Meta agrees with TSE

Communities reach WhatsApp after Meta agrees with TSE

The subject of our program is WhatsApp communities. The feature was finally released for the social network here in Brazil. This after a year in which the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) asked Meta to delay the launch of the appeal.

In this program, Wagner Wakka talks to Igor Almenara, a FreeGameGuide reporter who has been covering the case for some time. They talk about what functionality is and what reasons lead to controversy.

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This episode was scripted, hosted and edited by Wagner Wakka. The program also featured reports by Alveni Lisboa, Vinícius Moschen, Claudio Yuge and Victor Carvalho, in addition to the participation of Igor Almenara. The audio review is by Gabriel Rimi and Mari Capetinga. The soundtrack is a creation by Guilherme Zomer and the cover of this program is made by Danilo Berti.