Chrome shows recent searches in the “New Tab” tab and confuses users

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Chrome started putting recent searches right on the “New Tab” screen in the mobile app — and unintentionally created a mess. In the section traditionally intended for recently or frequently visited sites, the browser began to display shortcuts to the latest Google searches, but the addition is not so visually interesting.

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Below the search bar in the “New Tab” section are shortcuts to pages relevant to the user, each accompanied by the site’s icon and title. Recently, Google appears to have expanded testing with recent search shortcuts, which, in effect, make relevant sites share space with Google searched terms.

However, the addition isn’t in its best state right now: bigger than website titles, search terms can’t be displayed in full and aren’t illustrated with recognizable icons, leaving the interface confusing and sometimes generic. It is up to the user to remember what he has searched for recently based on the first few words of the search.

For those who didn’t like the feature, luckily there is a solution: in the chrome://flags section, there is an option called “Organic repeatable queries in Most Visited tiles” that controls the display of search history in the “New tab”. Simply disable it to display the traditional interface with relevant websites only.

Because it is a discreet change, but with the potential to annoy users, Google may reverse it in the future. Although it has not been confirmed, the company may be testing the new look and, if it realizes that this has displeased the public, it can disable the change – but for now, this is just speculation.