BYD projects expansion with Ford factories in Brazil and Germany

BYD projects expansion with Ford factories in Brazil and Germany

BYD overtook Tesla in sales of electrified cars at the end of 2022 and, to continue growing in the segment, plans to inherit not one, but two Ford factories. The first of them, as we already mentioned here at FreeGameGuide, is in Brazil, more precisely in Camaçari, Bahia. And the second is in Germany.

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According to Autonews Europe, executives from BYD and Ford are talking about the sale of the plant located in Saarlouis, where the Focus is currently produced, which will be discontinued in 2025.

As Ford chose Valencia, Spain, to host the production of the brand’s future 100% electric line, the fate of the US automaker’s facilities in Germany remained undefined.

BYD currently manufactures its electric buses in Hungary and has three of its electric cars, all imported from China, running in some European hubs. The idea of ​​buying the factory in Germany is precisely to expand production and add new vehicles to the line-up in the region.

Ford’s factory in Saarlouis has 4,600 workers, and talks with BYD, scheduled to continue in early February, also concern the career path of the current workforce. The idea is that most of them remain employed, as Ford recently announced a cut of 3,200 employees at the Cologne plant, also in Germany.

protocol of intentions

In parallel with talks with Ford to take over the plant in Saarlouis, Germany, BYD continues to deal with the acquisition of the US automaker’s plant in Camaçari, Bahia, which has been deactivated since 2021.

According to the government of Bahia, the conversations are well advanced, but, internally, BYD is still treating the matter with caution. As FreeGameGuide found out, there is only one protocol of intentions signed so far, as Paraná also showed interest in hosting the BYD factory and became an alternative for the Chinese automaker to Brazil.