Brazilian partnership distributes 50,000 training scholarships to Portuguese

Brazilian partnership distributes 50,000 training scholarships to Portuguese

TQI, a Brazilian technology and innovation company, has just signed a new partnership with DIO, a technology education platform, to promote its international bootcamps. The program will distribute 50,000 free scholarships for training developers in Portugal. The news was released in Lisbon, during the Web Summit.

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The initiative comprises two programs aimed at training front-end and back-end developers. The projects are indicated for people who are starting their professional career and are looking to enter the technology market, or for workers in other segments who are looking to change careers. The bootcamp aims to generate effective hiring opportunities in the Portuguese technology ecosystem.

One of the highlights of the full stack training offered by TQI and DIO bootcamps are their quality modules, which form a professional with a more complete vision. With the application of analyzes and the guarantee of eliminating errors, the course enables this developer to finalize a more complete product and with fewer errors — stressing less the tool and streamlining processes.

Why Portugal?

Companies saw an opportunity in Portugal, due to the shortage of professionals and opportunities for those who want to enter the IT market. In addition, the Portuguese country is investing in the entry of technology professionals and companies. In 2022, the government launched a new type of visa aimed at digital nomads.

“We want to open TQI’s doors to Portuguese people who want to work in the area, but not only that, we want to shake up the ecosystem and promote quality learning so that these professionals are free to discover and produce new, unprecedented knowledge, to create, undertake, to that person is happy and able to work wherever they want”, comments Cristiano Oliveira, COO of TQI.

Iglá Generoso, Founder and CEO of DIO, says that the partnership meets the company’s international training mission: “Our mission is to democratize and encourage access to education in technology through partnerships with large companies and an ecosystem that allows the professional development of the community. Expanding even more our operations in Europe with TQI, shows that there are no more barriers to connection in the market and, together, we seek to impact, insert and promote more people in the Brazilian, Latin American and world technology market “.

How it works?

Attendees will have access to educational experiences and challenges focused on multiple languages, both for front-end and back-end, database and introduction to Quality Assurance (QA), for testing and quality. In addition, the programs will feature exclusive mentorships on technology, careers and soft skills led by TQI and DIO experts.

The bootcamps will start in the first quarter of 2023 and those interested can already register through the DIO website, where they will fill in their CVs.