Bowers & Wilkins launches headphones with high audio quality and adaptive ANC

Bowers & Wilkins launches headphones with high audio quality and adaptive ANC

Bowers & Wilkins (B&W), a brand known for its advanced audio devices, has just updated its line of TWS headphones. The PI7 S2 and PI5 S2 models arrive with some improved features compared to their predecessors, in aspects such as connection quality and battery.

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The PI7 S2 now supports aptX Adaptive, which should ensure greater overall pairing quality, as well as a new maximum range of 25 meters. There is also support for Hi-Res audio, as long as the source is compatible with the technology.

The previous model already had active noise cancellation (ANC), but the new generation of the PI7 brings the feature adaptively. In practice, this means that it should work more intelligently, by recognizing the type of noise present in environments.

Audio quality shouldn’t have changed so much, as the system remains with the same internal 9.2mm drivers. However, it is possible that the experience will be improved due to a more refined processing – both in the sound itself and in the ANC.

Another point that gained attention from Bowers & Wilkins was the battery life, which went from 4.5 hours to 5 hours without the need for a recharge. Even so, it is below several cheaper models in this regard, which reach six hours or more.

The charging case is capable of offering an additional 16 hours of use, and a quick 15-minute recharge delivers two hours of continuous content playback.

The case also serves as a high quality content relay. Through the USB-C port, it is possible to make connections with external audio sources, such as entertainment systems on airplanes, for example.

The new generation of the PI7 maintains one of the main aspects that generated criticism in the past model: its dimensions. The construction of the headphones remains very large, especially for a product that doesn’t have such a high battery life.

The headphones will be sold in four color options: Sage Green (green), Satin White (white), Canvas Black (black) and Midnight Blue (blue).

PI5 S2 maintains ANC and internal components

In general, PI5 S2 has features quite similar to PI7 S2, but loses some features to make it more affordable.

It still supports aptX but not aptX Adaptive. The internal drivers are also 9.2 mm, but it has a simpler structural composition, and therefore it should not reach the same levels of dynamic range.

Another difference is in the ANC, which is not adaptive — even so, the user can change the cancellation level at any time. The battery still offers autonomy for five hours, but the case loses the ability to relay.

The PI5 S2 arrives in four color options: Cloud Gray (grey), Storm Gray (grey), Spring Lilac (lilac) and Sage Green (green).

Prices and availability

Both headphone models are already available in select markets such as the US, UK and Australia. The price of the PI7 S2 is US$399 (about R$2,045 in direct conversion), while the PI5 S2 is priced at US$299 (~R$1,532).

Source: TechRadar