Boston Dynamics ‘bricklayer’ robot slammed for failing to comply with safety standards

Boston Dynamics 'bricklayer' robot slammed for failing to comply with safety standards

Last week, the new skills of the Atlas robot, from Boston Dynamics, went viral, after simulation carried out in a civil construction scenario. In the video, you can see him grabbing and throwing objects. Now, questions arise about why the robot “bricklayer” does not follow the common safety rules for the potentially dangerous sector.

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The point is that, during the demonstration, the Atlas robot apparently violates numerous Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines, which are designed to make construction workers safer and, consequently, save lives.

According to Canadian filmmaker Harrison Clark, who published a video highlighting the infractions of the robot “mason”, there were at least eight infractions, such as stepping on a wooden board, throwing a bag of tools and jumping to get off the platform.

Below, check out the main security flaws pointed out by the user in the demo:

Boston Dynamics responds to criticism

Among the criticisms about the demonstration, users point to the sneakers worn by the human supporting character in the scenes, as the model would be inappropriate for civil construction professionals. However, the Vice President of Government Relations and Legal Affairs at Boston Dynamics, Brendan Schulman, disagrees and warns that the shoe is, yes, compatible with OSHA rules.

Regarding the comments directed at Atlas, “Should I talk to someone about how OSHA rules might apply to the awesome robots of the future?” Schulman jokes on Twitter. “I’ve never heard of OSHA applying to robots. In fact, robots are used to keep people away from dangerous conditions”, completes the executive about the controversy.

Source: via Futurism